WRDMerchandise: The 2017 Dead Celebrity Hunks and Babes of 2016 Calendar

I'm back.

Halloween has gone. Fireworks night is just around the corner. My birthday is at the end of the month (30 November). My sister's birthday is ten days later. Christmas is also coming. Christmas. A time when money is no object when it comes to flinging tat at loved ones and colleagues in the dance music industry. Yes, Christmas is my favourite fucking time of the year for many reasons, but the main reason I like it so much this year is because I've got a brand new calendar to sell.

Last year's/this years (?) WRDM Dance Hunks 2016 (this year's) calendar was a ROARING success, and I shifted literally units of them. I'd even go as far as to say that the success of the WRDM Dance Hunks 2016 calendar was unmitigated. It was an unmitigated success. So much so that if I'd been sensible enough to market it and sell it before January 2016, I'd have probably become a millionaire by now. The downside of that scenario is that I'd have been too fat, fucked and lazy to have come up with an even better idea for a 2017 calendar.

Sticking DJ's heads on pictures of beefcakes was ingenious. Sticking the heads of celebrities who have died in 2016 (the maddest year on record for celebrity death) on top of pictures of hunks and big-boobed babes is also ingenious. There is NO OTHER calendar like this on the market. There is NO OTHER dance music writer who could ever have come up with this idea. There is NO OTHER dance music writer who could have executed the idea as well as I have. There are a lot of brothers out there flakin' and perpetratin', but scared to kick reality. I'm NOT scared to kick reality, so the reality I'm booting the fuck out of right now is the reality that you MUST own the 2017 Dead Celebrity Hunks and Babes of 2016 calendar.

The 2017 Dead Celebrity Hunks and Babes of 2016 Calendar RRPs at £20 per calendar, including shipping costs (unless you live in Mongolia). Here's a sample of what you could be displaying in your home, office, welding bay or toilet every single day in 2017:

You don't get calendars like that knocking about, do you? Contact me on any of the below means to get one...

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