A Tribute to Terry Wogan from a Titan of Techno

Remember when Terry Wogan snuffed his lid last weekend, and I rushed out a tribute post on the Hotflush Recordings website on Monday morning? It was little more than an excuse to knock together a jokey Terry Wogan "Remixes" album cover and a later Facebook post where I put his interview with George Best over the top of a minimal hard house track. I've never had any proper affiliation to him. I was too young to really watch his chat show, I've always hated the Eurovision Song Contest, and I've always hated Radio 2. And I've always hated Children in Need. Terry Wogan seemed like a nice enough bloke though. No offence to him.

One thing I don't hate, however, is techno, and a techno person I do have an affiliation with is Chris Finke aka He/at aka Bodyjack aka Mr. Atomic Jam. Chris was once kind enough to let me have some of his vodka rider at an Atomic Jam night and I was able show off to my mates on the dance floor from the DJ booth like I was part of the AJ crew. It was THAT act of kindness I have never forgot, and I promised Chris that night that I would one day return the favour and let him show off on the world famous Weekly Review of Dance Music.

I know this doesn't make a lot of sense, but as I knew that Chris had actually been an associate of Terry Wogan over the years, I insisted that he stop promoting his brilliant new EP, Tough Crowd (out now and available to BUY HERE), and get his Blankety Blank pen out to write a few sincere words about him for WRDM. Chris kindly agreed and sent me these words today.

These ones underneath this picture:
Terry and Chris - pulling the same trademark techno pose against different backdrops
I first met Terry (or “Sir Terry” as he insisted I call him) at an after-dinner booking for Hobbycraft in 2009. I was a last minute replacement for Nicky Campbell who couldn't make it, and Terry was the main turn.

I was spellbound at how he captivated the room; each and every person had such affection for him and he didn't court any of it ("I'm a modest man, who has absolutely nothing to be modest about", he once said to me once). After my performance, his first line to the room was, “Ye gads, fellas! I'm jealous of old Campbell for not having to sit through that load of old tosh! Before he went on I told him to just be himself, but that was obviously not the cleverest thing I could have said to him!” He seemed to like me though, and as I was just starting out in showbiz, he gave me some great advice later that night. I decided against taking it and carried on regardless.

Over the next few years we became firm friends. I regularly joined him, Ronnie Corbett and Jimmy Tarbuck on some wonderful golfing trips to the Algarve. I had to pinch myself as they were all such heroes of mine, but Terry was always the man. We all went ice skating at Somerset House once. “Look at that reprobate, Corbett!", he shouted pointing at Ron, "He's so small he could skate on an ice cube!” Great times.

He had a huge passion for pirate radio and he was very appreciative when I hooked him up with a West London crew who let him do a few shows under a thinly-veiled pseudonym. He was offered Radio 1Xtra off the back of them, but turned it down as he had fallen out with Trevor Nelson a couple of years back.

I last saw Terry when we went to Barbados together before Christmas; I was booked as Master of Ceremonies on a luxury cruise on the Queen Ann and Terry was my +1. Here’s the last photo of us both together on the beach at the end of the tour. “It tastes like chicken!” he laughed, and anyone who heard his radio show would understand what he meant by that.
Photograph taken on Barbados Beach, Christmas 2015, by Nick Altimas (We Are Dead Bear)
So, goodbye to my dear friend and hero. THE consummate professional: effortlessly funny and the most down to earth A-lister I have ever worked with. Rest in Peace, Sir Terry. May you rest in BLANK.


Well, I don't know about you, but I've got tears streaming down all of my cheeks. Please join me in thanking Chris for this contribution, and wish him well with all of his future endeavours, and BUY his new Bodyjack EP next month and all. Hopefully, there'll be some news about new Atomic Jam parties soon.

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