Tonka vs Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas? (Tonka's Sack Dub)

Bob and Bono have been sitting on their hands long enough. It's Christmas now, lads. Children need feeding and this Ebola crisis keeps rolling on.

There's no way on earth I'm going out there to help in person, so I've done a cover of the Band Aid song, Do They Know It's Christmas? If it gets more than 10 views on YouTube I'll DOUBLE the 2.5% donation I've been planning on giving to the Red Cross from the sales proceeds.

Please do your bit by sharing this video on your social media timelines, play it to your family on Christmas Day and, if you've got any fucking heart inside of you, share it again on your social media timelines.





Believe it or not, this remix only took me two hours, from start to finish. I did it in Ableton 9 on Friday night before going out to watch Helena Hauff down the Dance Tunnel. I think it's the first ever dance track to feature a West Midlands accent vocal.

MUSIC DAW TECH GEEKS: I mastered it at the end by dropping a mastering pre-set over the top of the Master bit in Arrangement view. If you listen carefully, you'll notice that the 909 closed hi-hat and the open hi-hat are panned away from each other; one on the left, the other on the right, but I can't remember which one was which as I write this. I've added a reverb to some of the vocals, an echo on the second "Feed the world, stop Ebola, fucking come on" phrase and I've randomised the clap pan throughout.

Next week, you'll be hearing all about the night out I had down the Dance Tunnel after creating this CHOON (tune). Helena Hauff. Gabba. A weird, rockin' last ten minutes or so. It was fucking brilliant, but I've not got the wits about me to write about it in detail this week. I'll do it next week. Definitely.

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