WRDM52 (Epilogue)

The Weekly Review of Dance Music is not just world famous anymore, it is now being read about and discussed on trains full of grumpy old businessmen and grumpy old businesswomen from London to Luton, and from Bournemouth to Bishopbriggs who read the best-selling news and current affairs magazine in the UK. Yes, the Weekly Review of Dance Music is now NATIONALLY famous.

- How, Tonka?

- Well, one week after those shit-for-brains knob-heads at Thump tried to make me look like a lemon (see the original WRDM52 and this), I read an article on Thump about DJs not getting paid (no way on earth I'm providing a link to it) and, I might be paranoid, but I'm 100% certain the bloke who wrote it (the same staffer I'd been dealing with, Josh Baines) was trolling me in a massive way in the opening paragraph. So, I grassed them up to Private Eye.

Photo credit: @williamwasteman
I'm properly bored of writing about these worms now, so next week I promise there'll be MASSIVE QUESTIONS with Martyn Hare...or some more reviews. I don't know yet.

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