I've got a lot on my plate this week, ladies and gentlemen, so forgive me for rushing through this week's Weekly Review of Dance Music. Next week will be a good one because Anne Savage will definitely be here to answer my MASSIVE QUESTIONS. That'll be a cracking post.
Before I start judging this week's records, let me plug #HueTube for a very dear friend of mine, Geoff Marshall out of the Londonist. The Londonist haven't offered me any work on their Theatre & Arts section yet, but if I brown-nose their best video presenter tube train enthusiast man on blogs like this and sites like this, then they're bound to get in touch and legitimise my work even further, aren't they?

#HueTube (if you're interested in taking part in any future events) is a monthly get-together of loads of like-minded adults and children where the aim is to dress in the same colour of the tube line you're getting on, gradually cram onto the same carriage and make all the other passengers in the carriage spit their drinks out and splutter, "whaaaaaaaa?!"

I went on the Central Line on Sunday afternoon wearing a red t-shirt and I had more fun than you did, staying in to watch Lionel Richie at Glastonbury on the telly. Get in touch with Geoff on Twitter if you want to get involved with his maniacal obsession with the London Underground, and if you're interested in tubes yourself, or have kids who are, get stuck into his Secrets of the... series on YouTube. They're ace AND accessible.

As I said, I'm in a rush this week. Here's some dance reviews:

Tresor '97 - '99 by Surgeon
I've not listened to this yet and Surgeon hasn't even sent me a promo copy. He's probably still reveling in the success of our February interview. Resident Advisor gave it 4.0 / 5 so in reality, it's going to be twice as good as a 4.0 / 5. You're looking at about an 8.0 / 5 in real terms.

RA don't half act all cool around the big guns. Me, I'm unashamedly obsequious and, I hope Surgeon doesn't mind me saying this, Tresor '97 - '99 is as powerful, as charming and as handsomely priced as his new/old clean-shaven image.

Buy it from here now: tresorberlin/surgeon-tresor

Strictly Jacked mixed by Luke Solomon
Again, I've not actually listened to this one yet (I've not read the email properly, to be honest, so I don't know if there's a download link or stream available), but when I saw that famous Strictly Rhythm red brick artwork with a massive JACKED typed all over it, I got so excited that I had to call my very dear friend, Luke Solomon, up to discuss what looks to me like being a brilliant album.

"Tonka", Luke whispered earnestly, "Strictly was quite literally THE house music label for me in my formative years. I bought everything", he continued, "even the records I wouldn't have played - just so I owned everything. Then, when I worked at Freetown I was lucky enough to become one of the few that got test pressings every single week”, he bragged.

I was now doing that thing where you deadpan the words, "yeah" and "I know", every few seconds and waiting for a pause in the conversation where I could say, "anyway", and end the call because I'd stupidly poured the hot water on my Bombay Bad Boy Pot Noodle before calling Luke and it was now losing its heat.

Luke didn't stop for breath though, “I've always been one for digging deep so naturally my contrary self gravitated towards the b-sides and the oddities. With that in mind and with the spirit of the jackin' theme, I took the Chicago-inspired route on this compilation; remixing and remastering some of my favourite records and adding some contemporary catalogue which will hopefully enable a new generation to discover a very important part of house music history. Anyway, you doing much tonight, Tonks?”

I said no and hung up, promising to call him back when my signal improves.

Release date: 24 July 2015
Label: Strictly Rhythm

Err. What else is in my inbox? This'll do:

Uncover Sessions: Mexico City Reinvented is now live!

Click here to tune in!

Boiler Room


Deary me. This post is probably the weakest post I've ever written, isn't it? Even worse than that Jeremy Healy interview. Like I keep saying, I'm in a rush and I have a lot on my plate at the moment. I'm so serious about delivering content TWICE A WEEK, EVERY WEEK though that I'm compelled to update WRDM without fail because I know that without YOU, the Weekly Review of Dance Music would just be a flake on a dead man's temple. Know what I mean?

Don't worry, this time next week you'll all definitely be stood around a massive water cooler talking about MASSIVE QUESTIONS with Anne Savage. Definitely.

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