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Here I am, a day and a half late again. LOLoutLOUD. I'll get my act together one day and post on here whilst BREAKING NEWS is still BREAKING, and in the interest of people who get worked up by grrrrrrreading things in the dance music news.

Ten Walls, eh? Why did he have to think his thoughts and then type them out, eh? I hope he's got a few GCSEs or a trade under his belt because he's not getting any income from DJing this year, is he? He's been properly run out of town, hasn't he?
I'd literally never heard of Ten Walls until Sunday night, when everyone in the dance music world went postal, Radio Rental and apoplectic over him saying that a Lithuanian musician tried to wash his brain (what with, mate? Fairy Liquid? LOLoutLOUD) into not being so homophobic anymore. Ten Walls said that he then stumped his pal into silence by asking how he'd react if his sixteen year old son had had his browny ripped by a fella.

Ten Walls, real name: Marijus Adomaitis (which is an anagram of Adolf Jesus Male Mate) THEN went on to tell his Facebook friends that if you're gay, you're a different breed...a breed of paedophiles...just like the priests are. Fuck me, have you ever heard anything like it from a dance DJ before? I thought they were all on happy pills like the rest of us. What he said was bad, but I live with the words, Every Cloud, tattooed on the small of my back in Olde English font, so I looked for the positives in the story; the only one being that Ten Walls has provided me with the best description of anal sex I've ever heard in my life. Whenever one of the many photos from @DoYouLoveMyAss pops up on my Twitter feed I immediately say to myself, "he's really ripping her browny there, but look at the smile on her face. Aww."

So, is homophobia a big deal in dance music? I don't think so. Is it? Get in touch with me if I'm wrong. The number of comments on the Resident Advisor Feed suggests that one cunt out of an industry of cunts who said something homophobic is worth more conversation than, for instance, Bodyjack turning in a breathtaking FACT podcast today or the sensational news that Liam Gallagher is forming a supergroup with Roger Daltry and Ringo Starr's son for TFI Friday next week. A fucking supergroup...!

Is Ten Walls, and what he said, even worth discussing? What he said was so fucking mental that he has to be treated as an isolated case. Or am I bang out of order? Again, get in touch if you think it's outrageous of me to say that a couple of days of publicity (so far) for a bloke who thinks gay people are the same as paedophile priests is a waste and a shame for the thousands of DJs, producers, promoters, and punters who want to read about and contribute to the positive stuff that's happening in dance.

It's a shit-stain of a debate that has raised this bloke's profile (that hardly anyone I know had ever fucking heard of anyway), highlighted his prejudice and enabled some of the worst fucking people in the world to get online and throw their weight around. What he thinks doesn't reflect on the dance music community at all. Never has, never will.
Homophobia is NOT a big deal in dance music today. Has it ever been? Will it ever be? No and no. So, let the festivals cut his name from the bill, let his management company drop him and let all the message boards that are now flooded with either one extreme or the other die a fucking death because if I see one more boring, predictable troll speaking up for "freedom of speech" (comments that Resident Advisor are hilariously deleting) or another lightweight bozo on their high horse saying that they'd "accept an apology" from Boddika but if you still like Walking With Elephants, you're "supporting a known homophobe", I'm going to smash up every fucking dance music website in London and chuck them all out of the window. I'll then fuck off down Soho to pick up a twink, take them back to WRDMHQ, stick on Requiem and let them have a go at ripping my browny.

I'll be back next week with loads more opinion pieces about hard house, minimal techno, WWF wrestling, gangster rap and THAT interview with Anne Savage.

EPILOGUE: Here's a more measured reaction to Ten Walls, five days after this was originally posted: theransomnote/tonkas-week

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