Shh! They're coming up the WRDMHQ garden path. Turn that fucking light off!


- Boxfresh! Good to see you, come on in.
- Where do you want all this free clobber and guest list + 1 for the private view of our 89:14 - A Street Style Journey exhibition at Londonewcastle Project Space on Thursday night, Tonka?
- Just bring them through to the kitchen.
- Hang on a minute, what are all these people doi...


Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Boxfresh,
Happy birthday to you!

For they are jolly good fellows,
For they are jolly good fellows,
For they are jolly good feeeeeellowwwwwws,
Aaaaaaaaaand so say all of us!

And so say all of us!
And so say all of us!
For they are jolly good feeeeeellowwwwwws,
And so say all of us!

That was a scene imagined by me on the tube whilst stood up in the middle of the carriage, looking down forlornly, swallowing hard, hanging on to the scratched red pole with my inside elbow, cold fingers all over my white iPad 2, waiting. Waiting for someone to offer me a seat. The central line is an unforgiving, hoary old bitch at rush hour. I wonder if any of these fuckers have even heard of Tory Turk. Probably not. He definitely hasn't, look at him. Head like a bounced tennis ball and a face like a sat on...great, he's getting off at Holland Park. I can write up this Boxfresh 25th birthday thing properly.

89:14 - A Street Style Journey is a three day exhibition that starts on Friday 5 December and knocks off on the Sunday with a talk by Ewen Spencer and a special screening of his Open Mic film. Open Mic is all about grime, so get down to the venue at exactly 2:59pm and 39 seconds to take advantage of being able to loudly remark that you've got "21 seconds to go" before Ewen Spencer is on. I'm laughing out loud inside of my head right now as I picture how amusing that would be for everyone.

The exhibition itself sounds fucking brilliant. They've got the largest magazine collection in the world on show, The Hyman Archive. I've got a collection of Viz magazines that date from the late nineties to present day so I'm looking forward to chatting with whoever Hyman is about collecting magazines. Also there is football fan/stylish man, Cass Pennant. I'll probably have a pop at him for supporting Chelsea and tell him about the time I went to Stamford Bridge with my dad to watch West Brom lose 3-0 in the FA Cup third round. It was January 1997. Paul Peschisolido signed my programme during the warm up and it went downhill from there. It was cold, it started to rain, we were played off the park by a team of full internationals, taunted by the Shed End and the back of my head felt like it was being caved in very slowly by little bits of metal hail stones.

Pennies from Heaven? No, pennies and two pence pieces rained down on us from the Headhunters in the upper gantry.

Vintage label enthusiast, Rhiannon Barry, will be banging on about the 90s garage scene and Fiona Cartledge will be showcasing some of the clobber she used to sell in her Kensington Market shop, Sign of the Times, that defined the acid house era. I'm very interested to see how she stretches out smiley face t-shirts and smiley face vests into a whole exhibition piece. What I'm buzzing about the most though is the Olaf and Su Parker bit. Olaf and Su were designers for Boxfresh at the beginning and did loads for the early nineties Acid Jazz scene. I'll impress them with my encyclopaedic knowledge of Jamiroquai's first three albums, my green and white hound’s-tooth flared Farah slacks and a pair of brand new box fresh black Adidas Campus. I'll probably wear my black skinny Acid Jazz t-shirt with yellow piping around the neck and sleeves to get them both into a real lather.

There'll be loads more stuff going on around what I've already mentioned. At a guess, I'd probably say there'll be workshops, in-store live music events, radio take-overs, club nights and, hold on, I'm reading the wrong bit now. That's the bit where the PR woman was telling me about the Boxfresh 25 Series. That's all the stuff that Boxfresh have been doing throughout the year to celebrate one hundred seasons of life.

They'll start calling this the DAILY Review of Dance Music soon, won't they? Eh? The will, won't they? Eh?

I’ll be back next week with loads more dance news, dance reviews, dance opinion pieces, dance features and dance promotionals.

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