Some More Brilliant Hilarious Lookalikes

Fuck me, here's some more Hilarious Lookalikes! LOLoutLOUD. If there's one thing that makes me laugh more than anything else in the world, it's looking at people who look like other people. LOL. Honestly, I'm fucking cackling like the Wicked Witch of the West as I write this because I'm thinking about the second lookalike in the list that I'm about to present to you. PISSMSL!

Here's one that will make you laugh though:

Can you imagine if that bloke out of The White Stripes soundalikes, The Black Keys, went on Pointless? I'd tune in and watch it if only to see what it would look like to see the bloke out of Pointless stood next to the one off of The Black Keys who looks just like him! Hahahahaha.

This is the best one. Check this out here:

Michael McDonald was a singer in the eighties who specialised in singing songs that were used in colourful,eighties beach films in America. Whenever people talk about DJ Falcon they always mention Daft Punk in the same sentence. See, even I just did so then. I'll tell you what though, you're more likely to see Daft Punk supporting Dave Clarke down Atomic Jam in Birmingham on Friday 14 November than you are seeing DJ Falcon doing a vocal French Touch electro duet with Michael McDonald in a 1980s Brat Pack film about misunderstood students in Miami. They don't half look a like though! ASL!!!

A joke a day keeps the gloom at bay, that's what I always say. So, you'll forgive me for laughing my eyes out at this next lookalike. LOL.

Get yourself down Thunder on Friday night for their 3rd birthday. Guess who's playing? Only Paul Trueman out of Eastenders!!! ROFLOFL. Only joking, it's 'dope Marcellus Pittman, a member of the 3 Chairs supergroup' (not my words, the words of The Guardian Guide who have chosen Thunder's 3rd birthday as the Pick of the Week. I'm very dear friends of the bloke who runs Thunder so this lookalike also acts as a plug for his night - BUY tickets for this event here: unless it's sold out. In that case, get down the Dance Tunnel early doors).

I think Marcellus Pittman looks a bit like Paul Trueman. Get well soon, Patrick (Paul's dad). FOFL!

Getting topical on this next one! Look:

Guess who's got a new album coming out soon that everyone won't stop BANGING on about? Rob Da Bank? No, mate. He's too busy with his Bestival Festival to worry about knocking out glitch trax and sub-reversal ambient hoover breaks for people who are now pretending to have been into Aphex Twin since day one. It's Aphex Twin who's got a new album out but I'm sure Rob Da Bank won't mind if everyone in music journalism gets their tongues stuck up his arsehole by mistake. He don't half look like Aphex Twin so I bet he's rubbing his hands together right now! Can you imagine having EVERYONE wanting to rim you for releasing some tunes you've sat on for ages that might have been relevant about ten or fifteen years ago? Must be fucking brilliant. Fill your boots, Rob ;-) ;-) ;-)

Actually, Kristan J Caryl off of Teshno and Resident Advisor looks a bit like Aphex Twin and all so, Kristan, get yourself out on the town - any over 30s night will do - and tell the birds that you're Aphex Twin. You'll be guaranteed at least a rim. Winking smiley face.

Look at this one now:

If you squint really hard and quickly shake your head from side to side, minimal house and minimal techno DJ babe Magda looks a bit like Billy Casper off of Kes! Doesn't she? It's funny because I actually think that Magda is properly fucking fit...but in Hilarious Lookalikes nobody is off the hook! LOLoutLOUD. Look at her! LOL. She looks a bit like Billy Casper!!!! Just keep squinting and tha'll see it too, thee will tha know.

That was all dead funny, wasn't it? But, I'm afraid that's all I've got time for on the Weekly Review of Dance Music tonight. Next week, Anne Savage will be answering my MASSIVE QUESTIONS so until then, keep refreshing this page until the post appears. Keep refreshing the page and continue to share WRDM around the internet like sweets in a shop full of hungry children. My moral levels are low, WRDM ratings are even lower and I need YOU to help me spread the Truth.

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