Pixies. Cheers. Boston Red Sox. Cheers. Soul Clap. Cheers. Albert DeSalvo. Fuck off. 7L & Esoteric. Cheers. Cheers. Cheers. Uma Thurman. Cheers. The After Dark nightclub. Cheers. Tea parties. Cheers. Ben Affleck. Cheers. Gang Starr. Cheers.

- What do all of those things that you’re saying “cheers” to have in common, Tonka?
- They all come from Boston.
- Thanks.

The above list is a something for something that proves beyond doubt that Boston does not do things by halves. They do things to the max, full blast and to the nth degree; meaning that if you don't like to party hard or do things to an unbelievably mad level like that bloke who strangled everyone, get the fuck out of Boston and go home to wherever it is you live because Boston won't want you if you're a half-measure.

I’m not a half-measure, I’m a yard. I’ve got the words ‘Always Partying Hard’ tattooed on the palm of my left hand and I do things to an irresponsible level at all times, so I could see the city of Boston salivating as I approached the runway. Whilst Jeremy the Jet Plane touched down at Boston Logan I put my X-ray specs on, gazed out of the cockpit window and grinned at the sight of Eli Goldstein and Charles Levine in Arrivals, hurriedly scribbling my name on an A4 piece of paper and making sure their hair was straight. Eli even did that thing where you lick the tips of your first and middle fingers and trace your eyebrows flat.

Here I was, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, America to meet my favourite (if I had a gun to my head) DJ and production duo. After high-fiving one another outside WHSmith, we were whisked off into what looked like a taxi and sped off to Deuxave on Commonwealth Avenue for a delicious slap-up meal…on the Soul Clap company credit card.

I clicked 'Record' on my little Dictaphone and set about grilling Soul Clap like two rounds of cheese on toast.


Q. For anyone unfamiliar with the name Soul Clap, could you tell them who you are, what you do and why you do it?
A. We do what we wanna do, we say what we wanna say, live how we wanna live, play how we wanna play!

(At this point, Charles opened up my white iPad2 and made me watch this video)

Q. Has establishing yourselves in the music industry been an uphill struggle or a piece of piss because of how good you are at your jobs?
A. It's taken a lot of work to get where we are. Maybe not uphill, but a long ravey adventure.

Q. I'm writing these MASSIVE QUESTIONS whilst waiting for a grade 3 round the back and sides and tidied up on top at Sergio's in Northolt. Where are you writing your answers?
A. We're getting fades and line-ups too!

Q. How did you come up with the moniker, Soul Clap? Did you ever toy with the idea of prefixing Soul Clap with ‘DJ’, like proper DJs (DJ Soul Clap), or suffixing it with something more exciting like Boston Stranglaz (DJ Boston Stranglaz) or Cherry MC and Captain Techno (DJ Cherry MC and Cap…no, ignore that question – it doesn’t make sense or work if there’s two of you.

No, hold on. If you can answer it, do. If not, don’t worry about it and just answer the first sentence of the question. Cheers, Tx.
A. LOL. You stoopid.

Q. Clap or snare?
A. Triangle!

Q. Dancing on the Charles Volume 2 is out now. How representative of the party is this CD? I.e. Did you select the songs that got the best reactions at your party in Boston, wrote down which ones they were and then compiled a list when you got home, scoring each track by audience appreciation and then whittling them down to a 13 track final cut to be released as soon as possible or was it compiled in a different way, a way that you’d like to tell the readers of WRDM about now?
A. Well, the party got shut down 4 years ago and at that time there weren't many producers making good electronic music in Boston. So at this point the party and the compilation are pretty unrelated, it's just a cool name!

Q. Does Dancing on the Charles mean what I think it means? Winking smiley face.
A. No, it means it was a gathering of people that got together and took turns stepping on Charlie (one half of Soul Clap).

Q. Bosq is involved on the album. He knocked out my favourite podcast of 2013, by a fucking mile. I even went down the shops and bought his album for Christmas! Are Bosq’s multi-culti songs influencing your sound now or is he starting to play more traditional house stuff in his sets like what you do?
A. Bosq is truly original. He's from Boston so he can play everything. His multi-culti sound continues to influence us for sure.

Q. Fans of mine know how much I love Sónar; I partied down, hard and on in 2007 and 2008 with Draper, Mickey John and my former gang; 'Da Ultimate Ketamine Krew'. The Crew Love tour terminates near Sónar in June. Will you be staying in a beautiful apartment in Barcelona that might cost a lot of money but is a place and time you'll look back on fondly in years to come (2007) or will you be spending as little as possible on accommodation and end up existing in a dirty, cramped little shit hole for the weekend deleting ketamine (2008) and regretting the financially-influenced decision for at least six years down the line?
A. We're most likely going to be sleeping in a gutter on La Rambla.

Q. What are Wolf + Lamb really like?
A. A bunch of dicks.

Q. Did you ever play anything that wasn't released in the 1990s at one of your 90s Jam parties? Are there any more planned?
A. That's insulting. Of course we only play 90's music at our 90's parties. Except when we screw up and play a song from the 80's or 00's that we thought was from the 90's, but actually wasn't. When that happens the crowd boos you and throws beer cans. Yes, we will 90's Jam someday.

Q. Stone cold sober or absolutely fucking terminated?
A. RoboCop bro.

Q. I came up with a name of a track called Nuthin’ But An E Thang about seven years ago but never capitalised on the great idea by creating anything for it. Would you be interested in making a track called Nuthin’ But An E Thang, sampling Leon Hayward and crediting me on it? Nuthin’ But An E Thang (Tonka’s WRDMDMA Dub).
A. Yes.

Q. Soul Clap (you) look like genuinely nice people and I would happily buy you BOTH at least one pint of beer next time you’re in London. How have you managed to steer clear of persuasive magazine editors and photographers who seem to insist on DJs being portrayed as dark and mysterious arseholes who frown a lot and crouch down in corners looking properly fucking moody?
A. Well we're a couple goofy idiots, it's pretty hard to hide that.

Q. Do you have anything else to say in your defence, or would like to plug?
A. We did a track with Robert Owens that's coming out on our label Soul Clap Records this summer. It even has Louie Vega remixes. We're very proud to have worked with 2 legends on one record!

Thanks Tonka, keep up the good work!


What a lovely couple of young men! Please join me in congratulating Soul Clap on a stellar career so far and wish them every success for all of their future endeavours.

Dancing on the Charles Volume 2 is out now on Soul Clap Records. You MUST buy it: FROM HERE

Soul Clap are on Twitter: @soulclap
Soul Clap are on Facebook: facebook/soulclap
Soul Clap are on after Lovebox with PillowTalk and Mark Farina in July: afterdark/fierce-not-shady

I'll probably be back next Tuesday with lots more dance music news and reviews, MASSIVE QUESTIONS with Anne Savage and etc, etc, etc, etc. Nuthin' But An E Thang (Tonka's WRDMDMA Dub) will be out in the near or far out groovy future on Soul Clap Records.

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