Look At These Hilarious Lookalikes!

I'm so, so glad that you agree with me when I say that looking at people who look like other people is hilarious. I'm really glad about that because he's another collection of Hilarious Lookalikes for you to look and laugh at.


Fuck me, have you ever seen the king of children's telly, Justin Fletcher, in the same room as his rival, Mr Tumble? These two giants of CBeebies fight it out for laughs metaphorically every day at 9.45am and 2.45pm on the same programme, Something Special. Justin Fletcher also acts up on a programme called, proudly, Justin's House at 11am and 4pm. If Mr Tumble didn't have a red nose and freckles I'd swear down that he and Justin were the same person! ROFLOFL

Billionaire philanthropist Adam West bumbles around Gotham City and bores horny, money-grabbing Russian birds by reciting poetry before getting ambushed by super villains in fancy dress and eye-masks on a weekly basis. If he had the moody confidence of the person I think he looks like he'd not almost nail the sexy Russian birds, he'd most definitely be bell-end and cock shaft deep before you could say, Kapow! I think Adam West looks like Batman without a mask on. LOLoutLOUD.

Have you ever noticed that Christopher Reeve, the bloke who played Clark Kent in the film Superman, actually looks like that superhero, Superman, from the films, Superman I, Superman II, Superman III and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace? I have, and that's why I'm including the above picture in this week's Hilarious Lookalikes. They've even got the same kiss-curl fringe. The only difference is that Christopher Reeve works on a news desk instead of whatever whatever whatever, this is a properly fucking shit post, sorry. PMSL.

I do wonder why I carry on churning out Hilarious Lookalikes sometimes. Those three were fucking shit and the conceit was tired after the first Mr Tumble joke. By the time it got to Superman I knew the legs had gone on it. The next one was going to be Fake Blood and Theo Keating out of The Wiseguys. I was going to end the post on Richie Hawtin and Robotman, so it's best I stop this now.

I'll be back shortly with more dance music reviews, news and interviews. MASSIVE QUESTIONS with Anne Savage will be online before you know it, the second MRDM podcast will be on the airwaves somewhere soon and I'll probably be doing some World Cup stuff over the next few weeks. I've already bought my face-paint and plastic bowler hat with a St. George Cross on the top of it (the plastic bowler hat). I can't fucking wait to see Roy Hodson lifting that World Cup at the end of the World Cup Final in Brasil next month. Can you? My mate's even done a blog about it: iamnotzlatan.blogspot

Speaking of hilarious lookalikes, I wrote some EXCLUSIVE reviews for The Sabotage Times over the weekend. You won't find them anywhere else so get stuck in by clinking this link here (they do look a bit like last week's Tonka's Week on Ran$om Note though. ROFLHARRIS): sabotagetimes/hot-mix-5-tonka-special

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