Hilarious Lookalikes LOL ;-)

If you think that I'm doing another round of Hilarious Lookalikes because I'm out of things to write about, can't be bothered to review anything or am still waiting for Anne Savage to respond to my MASSIVE QUESTIONS, you're wrong and you're a grotesquely ugly freak. I'm doing another round of Hilarious Lookalikes because I genuinely think that lookalikes are hilarious, especially dance music related lookalikes! Fucking hell, have you ever noticed how the following people LOOK like other people?! LOLoutLOUD.

Carry on through this post but please don't send me the hospital bill after your sides have split open and your eyes have fallen out of their sockets through laughing, smiling and laughing so hard (and much).

Green Velvet AND Cajmere have been persuaded to DJ back-to-back at Random Magic on Saturday night because of an unprecedented level of chutzpah, ambition and thinking-outside-the-boxism by the promoters, who are very dear friends of mine. When you're there, wander around the dance floor and ask the boz boz for some yellow bentines, triple sods and clarky cats. No, scratch that, you might end up quadraspaz on a life glug! Know what I mean? I mean that Green Velvet, Cajmere and Chris Morris all look like one another and you might confuse the three of them! Green Velvet fans won't know what a quack candle is and might punch your lights in! PMSL

GO TO RANDOM MAGIC ON SATURDAY NIGHT: rsn-tickets/random-magic

Heidi Fleiss and Oona Chaplin have famously never been photographed together. Coincidence? Or is it because they're the same person living alternate realities due to a mystic breakdown of their individual existences in parallel dimensions on Earth? You tell me. All I know is that they don't half look like one another! ROFLOFL

Tepid Since Forever? I didn't say that. Winking smiley face. I really didn't though, it was Mike. Or Wil. Somebody that wasn't me said Tepid Since Forever. Maybe it was Micky John. I can't remember but it definitely wasn't me. However, whoever it was won't be calling Hot Since 82 Tepid Since Forever after they see that he looks a bit like the A-list, super cool actor, Tim Roth off of the Quentin Tarantino films. Will they? Eh? He does a bit. LOLoutLOUD

Everyone always bangs on about how great DJ Sprinkles is. They'll be banging on even more when they read the Weekly Review of Dance Music and learn that he looks exactly like Dr Melfi off of The Sopranos! DJ Sprinkles plays at my very dear friend's party in June, Thunder. ROFL

DJ SPRINKLES AT THUNDER. LOOK: residentadvisor.net/event

Imagine if Bros had ever done party drugs and started to make rave music and videos with foul-mouthed Scottish magicians instead of their incredibly popular and lucrative pop music before opening up the best nightclub in London for about a decade, closing it down in its prime and relocating to America for a bit whilst maintaining a high creative output and a gruelling international DJ schedule? They'd be Mr C who, incidentally, they look like! SMSLOLOLOL

That'll do for now. I was going to Google the words 'techno DJ' and see what else I could come up with but I'm tired of the idea...for now. Come back in a few months for more Hilarious Lookalikes. LOL.

Next Tuesday is MASSIVE QUESTIONS day with Anne Savage. Definitely.

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