One of the best things about being a world famous dance music blogger writer is this: your electronic inbox gets ramma jamma full of dance music promos every day. I fucking love dance music so I'm in a win-win situation viz-a-viz the receiving of emails with dance music songs in them!

I was too busy to write a proper Tonka's Week on Ran$om Note last Friday but when it comes to the home games, I'm always focused and ALWAYS have something prepared. YOU, dear readers, are the reason I write every fucking week for zero fucking pence about stuff that I don't always like and sometimes about people I fucking hate. Remember what Morrissey said about kicking people in the eye?

So, this week on the world famous Weekly Review of Dance Music is a very special PROMO SPECIAL. I've taken the time to listen intently to three randomly selected promos and judge them on THIS blog website to hopefully boost sales and to ingratiate myself further into the lives of people in the dance music world.

However, I need to make this very clear: if you spot a load of spelling mistakes, shit use of grammar, regular inconsistencies and sentences that sound like they've been written by someone who spends every day of their lives eating sweets, listening to whatever the RA Mix of the Day is and consulting Mixmag for genre-classification assistance, it's because I've copied and pasted every single fucking word from the emails I've received in my inbox. Starting from now...

...from now...


Artist: Franco Cinelli
Title: All Frequencys
Label: Esperanza
Released: Summer 2014

Seven years after his last LP on Alpha House, Argentina’s Franco Cinelli has finished his next full length, All Frequencies, due for release on Esperanza in February 2014.

Over the course of the last 15 years, Cinelli has released countless EPs on labels like Bass Culture, AirDrop and Ilian Tape and has proven himself to be a master of the groove, be it a house, techno or disco infected one. This new album encapsulates all that and channels his decades of musical experience into one album that has the dance floor as a common denominator. Disco, funk, house, techno, soul, dub, hypnosis, technology, love and peace are among the constant frequencies that permeate this album and make it such a compelling proposition.

No time is wasted in getting down to business and opener ‘I Feel It’ pairs classic house percussion with heavy kick drums before playing with various filters, chucking in bleepy melodies and nice organic human voices. It’s an immediately arresting house track that leads on to the firmly rooted beats of ‘Chi-Trax’. This one is run through with some fine and pixelated synths, chattery claps and icy techno hi hats and it really makes you move.

Form there the likes of ‘Cargo’ is built from some nicely rough edged sounding loops and ravey chord stabs, ‘Infiltrate’ drops into a much more subliminal and deeper techno groove and ‘Slippery Arp’ plays with a dynamic synth line that bubbles and boils up and down through the mix and take you with it every step of the way.

Finally, there is also digital bonus track ‘Deep Forest’, a serene and emotive techno jam that is more about mind meditation and widescreen synths than it is sweaty dancefloors. It’s a beautiful way to end an album that is full of memorable moments and cultured but club-ready dynamite.

Franco Cinelli
All Frequencies - 10/10


Luciano & Friends - Into The Aether (Part One)
(It's on Cadenza but I don't know when this is released, didn't say in the email or promo download site)

Cadenza head honcho, Luciano, often collaborates with many other artists, his constant touring schedule blessing him the opportunity to write and produce music with a multitude of like minded producers, and on “Into The Aether”, we get the first part of a two part series of tracks composed with various other Cadenza personnel.

“Arizona Green Song” sees Luciano and Marlowe (AKA Digitaline) get together for a vibrant and busy freak out. A plethora of rattling and sharp percussion cuts through a simple melody line and low slung groove. Building over ten tantric minutes, dubby inflections and hidden voices are woven into the detailed arrangement to great effect.

A collaboration with Dani Casarano results in “Bell’s & Tonic”, a slower paced vibe here, but with plenty of funk, from it’s bending bass line and hand claps to the deft organ touches and shuffling shakers. A world within is created here, again distant voices, rattling cow bells and (yes) livestock and other field recordings are layered here to create a unique ambience.

Uncompromising and original music then, from Cadenza’s boss and friends. Expect a ‘Part Two’ to be released in the coming months…

Luciano & Friends
Into the Aether (Part One) - 10/10


Artist: dubspeeka
Title: Leaving Home
Label: DEXT Recordings
Release Date: 14/04 (vinyl) 28/04 (digital)

DEXT Recordings is a brand new label kicking off with an EP from dubspeeka complete with remixes from ApplePips boss Appleblim and Aus artist Komon - and it’s a bit of a Bristol affair.

dubspeeka, the elusive Bristol based producer who has released on Oliver Huntemann's Ideal Audio, Waveform and has remixed for Evolution, is sure to become big news in 2014, especially once the world gets to hear this new EP.

Opening track ‘Leaving Home’ is a dark and broody affair with thick basslines, eerie pitch shifted voices lurking in shadows and plenty of spangled synths wrapping around it from start to finish. ‘Special Occasion’ is then a fulsome, swaggering house track. The drums are bulky, the percussion is crisp and the chords rattle with plenty of menace. Next up, ‘Creature Funk’ again fuses elements of house and bass into a skipping track that sways to and fro as si ren like tones survey the bleak horizon. It’s arresting, strangely funky stuff that sound like little else.

Komon & Appleblim have teamed up many times before now, for both remixes and originals, and here the pair refix ‘Creature Funk’ into a nimble, supple bit of grainy but bulky techno that skips and scrapes with a real late night and underground swagger. Komon then remixes ‘Leaving Home’ on his own and turns it into a reflective and pensive bit of house with nicely shaped synths off in the distance as infectious percussive slices churn out a pattern in the foreground. dubspeeka’s production is fresh and filled with plenty of personality and all three tracks here are likely to become seriously highly rated weapons for DJs in the know in the coming months.

Having already featured on the Aus Music Boiler Room Session and the XLR8R Podcast by Komon and Appleblim, this is one to watch.

Leaving Home - 10/10


...and ending now.

Fucking hell!!! Those promos all scored 10/10!!! They must be fucking brilliant, so make sure you go out and buy them all.

Whoever says I'm going through a bad patch with my writing and general creativity at the moment can fuck off because I'm not. Am I?

Keep your lids peeled for this Friday's Tonka's Week on Ran$om Note. I'll be giving you the first listen to my new track, 2 Frightened 2 Dance (Pinhead Trick Mix). I've taken the 200+ bpm terrorcore sound (so loved by my new pal, Shabs from Channel 4 Drugs Live) and put a minimal (so loved by me in 2005) twist on it to create a whole new genre of music; minimal terrorcore.

Shabs told me about terrorcore last week. I had a listen to some of it and couldn't figure out if my tape player was broke or not. It turned out I was listening to it on Soundcloud and it was supposed etc, etc.




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