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PillowTalk released an album called Je Ne Sais Quoi this week. I put that album title into Google Translate and it took me ages to figure out what it means, I'm still not 100% sure. Either my Google Translate is fucked or somebody in PillowTalk has made a spelling mistake. Either way, I don't know what the album name means. Know what I mean?

Je Ne Sais Quoi is a triumph. It's a smooth dance-pop record with enough sass and vocal interchanges to keeps the listener (me) interested throughout. No, you won't hear Surgeon, Ancient Methods, Dave Clarke, Ben UFO, Marcel Dettmann or any of that miserable lot from Berlin playing anything off of this album. If you want to hear any of this album played out, you'll probably need to go to a Soul Clap v Wolf + Lamb Crew Love thing, a No Regular Play set or a Kensal Rise independent stationery, gadget and card shop where it'll be blasting out of the iPod dock along with the new Liars album, Radio 6 Music and Tapestry by Carole King.

I like it and I got into a MASSIVE Twitter argument with someone from Mixmag for backing it to the hilt. Mixmag turned nasty, I'll be honest, but you tell me who won. I was fucking shaking as I typed that last full stop.

Sorry, Sean. Je Ne Sais Quoi scores a very respectable 8/10 at WRDM. Some of it might sound like something Hot Chip would have shat out in 2007 but that's still better than a lot of stuff that comes my way these days.

Je Ne Sais Quoi - 8/10

Buy it from here: release/je-ne-sais-quoi

I went down The Nest on Friday night to see Pittsburgh Track Authority. I washed my hair, drenched myself in Lynx Africa, put my best black t-shirt on and practised my dance moves and vogue shapes in front of the mirror to a bleak, yet colourful mix of disco break loops, acid and sass techno to get myself in the mood. Pittsburgh Track Authority actually deliver on the hype so I was looking forward to seeing them. After buying a gram of MDMA from Ragdoll in Balham, I travelled up over the river in a taxi, occasionally rubbing crushed crystal into my gums and talking to the driver about foreigners, asylum seekers, women and things that he hates. By the time I got to Stoke Newington I was nicely buzzing. Not quite floating yet but a beer and a proper sniff away from knockin' on Heaven's door. Pittsburgh Track Authority. Fucking come on, I said to myself.

Opening the front door to what should have been a wall of pure house and disco, I heard nothing but UK 2-step garage and saw lots of men and women wearing gold and black designer clothes and massive ear rings. They were stomping around and smoking weed instead of grooving to an e-theme. Confused and a little bit higher, I looked over to the DJ booth and saw New York Transit Authority on the decks! I rolled my jaw around a bit and laughed at my mistake. I decided to stick around and bore everyone I spoke to with the anecdote throughout the night. Mike Skinner from The Streets also played. I waved at him from the dance floor and he definitely nodded back in my direction. For what was a MASSIVE mistake on my behalf turned out to be a lovely night. Everyone who played sounded brilliant on MDMA.

Mike Skinner + New York Transit Authority + Khalil at The Nest

What's on next at The Nest? This: ilovethenest.com/events

Can you imagine if drums could talk? DrumTalk has done just that and created a pseudonym for himself to explore that side of his imagination. Another one for not using spaces to separate words (see also PillowTalk), DrumTalk makes music that is fucking brilliant for mixing together with other records that have a 4/4 beat at similar bpm levels. Resident Advisor's Andrew Ryce says that the two tracks on DrumTalk's new EP are percolating rhythms. I don't know what that means so I'll just say that Time has enough sass in the vocals to carry what sounds like a pitched up, vibrating bass-line over some African style percussion, in a good way.

Magnetic sounds like you're walking down some stairs after twelve cans of Stella and you're in a bad mood because the spot on the end of your nose won't fuck off, in a good way. It's definitely something you'd hear Surgeon, Ancient Methods, Dave Clarke, Ben UFO, Marcel Dettmann or any of that miserable lot from Berlin playing out in Berghain or House of God or something.

Time EP - 9/10

Buy it from here:release/DrumTalk

Some great reviews there, I'm sure you'll all agree. Please join me in congratulating all of the above for scoring so highly.

Some people say that scoring artistic endeavours is a waste of fucking time because creative work is all subjective and just because one person likes something, the next will think it's shit. You stick with the world famous Weekly Review of Dance Music though because my taste is better than everyone at Mixmag, everyone at Resident Advisor and everyone in the world put together. It's even better than the people who write the music reviews at the Guardian Guide on a Saturday!

Come back next week for MASSIVE QUESTIONS with Ian M and loads more judgements on what is good and bad in the world of dance music.

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