Carrying on from last week's round-up of my festive, seasonal AND Christmassy Facebook and Wikipedia sponsored count down of my favourite ever Top 20 Christmas songs in the world...ever is this; this week's round-up of Tonka's Top 20 Christmas Songs numbers 15 to 11.

Number 15

Johnny Mathis – When A Child Is Born

Although Johnny Mathis doesn’t mention the baby Jesus by name, there is no doubt that this song is all about the virgin birth of our Lord Saviour.

This is what Christmas is all about, lads. Let us not forget that YOUR new PlayStation 4, YOUR new DVD player and YOUR new puppy is being delivered by Santa because 2013 years ago this month the three Kings delivered gifts to Mary, Joseph and their new kid, Jesus.

– Why Tonka?
– I don’t know.

This is what Christmas is all about though. Santa wouldn’t have started delivering presents to us if the three Kings had never followed that star to Bethlehem. If Joseph hadn’t plonked his heavily pregnant missus and all of their possessions on the back of that donkey before setting off on a MASSIVE journey, there’d be no flying reindeers doing all of the donkey-work for Santa. If that tiny star didn’t exist Santa wouldn’t have a fucking clue where to moor himself on his round-the-world journey on Christmas Eve.

No Jesus: no Santa.

That’s the message Richard Dawkins doesn’t WANT you to hear.

I love When A Child Is Born by Johnny Mathis because it’s nice.

Number 14

Greg Lake – I Believe in Father Christmas

Somebody at Time Out once said that ‘I Believe in Father Christmas’ by Greg Lake is Christmas cynicism at its most tuneful. I just think that it’s a lovely little tune that slots nicely into my Top 20 Countdown.

Greg Lake believes in Father Christmas. Tonka believes in Father Christmas. EVERYONE believes in Father Christmas. I honestly don’t see the point in calling this song ‘I Believe in Father Christmas’: he should have just called it ‘Father Christmas’.

And why wouldn’t you? Father Christmas is fucking brilliant. He flies all the way around the world every year, delivering presents to children young and old. He has a gang of flying reindeer who are HAPPY to pull him around all night in a sleigh. Santa is a jolly, fat old bastard with a beard who drinks billions of glasses of sherry in ONE night and he does not stop laughing about it.

Elaine Paige did a wonderful cover of it on her 1986 Christmas album called ‘Christmas’.

Number 13

Jane McDonald - Cruise Into Christmas

A long time ago, Jane McDonald charmed the eyebrows off of everyone in the United Kingdom with her unique personality, bubbly personality and brassy northern personality. In the late nineties you couldn’t move on TV for Jane McDonald whirl-winding about the channels getting all cocky and winking at the camera as she elbowed her way into etc, etc.

‘Cruise Into Christmas’ could easily be misconstrued as a non-so-subtle nod to the enormous gay following she built up by singing cabaret songs on the telly. It wasn’t. It was an over the shoulder glance back at the show that birthed her into our consciousness forever, The Cruise.

Sorry, this is the laziest one I’ve written so far. Look, I’ve even copied something from Wikipedia:

Unbeknown to many; Jane’s first TV performance, was as a guest dancer on the 1983 Black Lace video for their hit single ‘Superman’ which was shot at the Casanova's night club in Wakefield, where she worked as VIP lounge manager.

Please come back tomorrow for number 12. Please.

Number 12

Enya – We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Who better to sing this festive standard than etc, etc.

Number 11

Tidy Boys - Coca Cola

I was reminded of this track after engaging in some top, top banter with someone on Twitter who I think is mates with someone out of Pittsburgh Track Authority.

I remember dancing along to 'Coca Cola' at The Mezzanine in Wolverhampton. The Tidy Boys were hosting their Christmas party in the early noughties and I, like approximately 2000 others, stomped my feet so hard to this that the sound we created actually enhanced the recorded kick drum. The echo and natural reverb created a booming noise I'd not heard before or since. Know what I mean?

Skip to 4.25 if you hate hard house but still want to know why this qualifies as a Christmas song.

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"Holidays are coming, holidays are coming..."

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- Why, Tonka?
- Because it's Christmas and EVERYONE else is banging on about their top 100s and 8s of the year so I'm keeping it real and celebrating CHRISTMAS. These rich, famous DJs don't need their heads made any bigger. December is all about the baby Jesus, presents, Santa, getting fucked as often as possible and Christmas songs.
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Here's number 20 to 16. Join me in five days time for numbers 15 to 11.

Number 20

Harry Belafonte – Mary’s Boy Child

In 1956, Harry Belafonte recorded a cover of the Boney M Christmas disco smash hit Christmas song, Mary’s Boy Child, and it went to the top of the UK charts in no time. With it’s calypso rhythms displacing the original Boney M disco beat, it proved to be a popular song over here AND in the West Indies.

It’s one of my favourite Christmas songs because the lyrics concentrate on what this season of goodwill is all about: the Nativity of the baby Jesus. If Jay Z and Kanye West did a cover of this song it would be ruined by shouty ad-libbed intrusions about buying BeyoncĂ© an expensive watch and taking Kim Kardashian on a round-the-world trip for Christmas!

Also, and maybe more importantly, Mary’s Boy Child reminds me of 1994. A young, pre-teen Tonka standing up with his dad in the now-seated Birmingham Road End and singing praise to the best West Brom centre forward West Brom had ever seen.

Hark now hear the angels sing, a king was born today,
His name is Bobby Taylor and he’s better than Stevie Bull…SHIT.

Number 19

Mud – Lonely This Christmas

Great British glam rockers, Mud, take on the Elvis Presley classic in the style of the man himself (Elvis). Lonely This Christmas was the first UK Christmas number one by a glam band with a drab name, and their appearance on the 1974 seasonal edition of Top of the Pops is notable for the half-a-second shot of Jimmy Savile slyly zipping up the fly on his tracksuit trousers before introducing Mud as “the dirtiest band in the world.”

I like Lonely This Christmas by Mud because it evokes memories of being really glad that I wasn’t lonely at Christmas as a kid. Even as a grown up I’ve never been lonely at Christmas and I know for a FACT that I never will be. I might be cold at Christmas but I’ll never be lonely so stick that up your arse, Nicky Chinn, you four-eyed Bo Selector looking shit house, you.

Number 18

Mike Oldfield - In Dulci Jubilo

It’s a Christmas instrumental with no sleigh bells in it. Sounds shit? January to November it is, but in the month of December, Mike Oldfield’s In Dulci Jubilo is pure festive pantomime music. I love it (in December)!

In Dulci Jubilo is Latin for Double Jubilation, and was street slang for ‘double penetration’ in the days of Homer, Ulysses and the infamous Greek anal sex parties hosted by Cleopatra and John Anthony.

I like this piece of music because I just do and it’s Saturday afternoon so I’ve got better things to do than concentrate on Tonka’s Top 20 Christmas Songs.

Number 17

S Club Juniors - Sleigh Ride

Back when it was illegal to say you wanted to fuck Frankie Sandford out of The Saturdays. This song is fucking brilliant AND it's about Christmas; a perfect song for this type of Top 20 countdown.

Here it is, lads:

Number 16

Gary Glitter – Another Rock n’ Roll Christmas

Twelve years before Gary Glitter became a paedophile he released a rockin’ n’ rollin’ Christmas song that, lyrically, was either a cry for help or a MASSIVE wink to people like me who read into things too much by using the power of hindsight.

Check out some of the lyrics I’ve taken as a sample to highlight that he was actively writing about child abuse as far back as 1984. When, in 1996, he finally came out and was arrested for acting on his urges I wonder if the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police was handed a lyric sheet for Another Rock n’ Roll Christmas and SACKED for gross misconduct AND negligence? Was he sacked? Was he?


‘I love to hear the children sing’

‘You'll never guess what you've got from me!’

‘We better hold each other tight
You never know it might snow tonight’

‘Guys and Girls
Stay up late’

‘I'll pull my cracker
Let me be’

‘All dressed up
So here we go’

‘Tonight old Santa never, ever stops
Going down the chimney tops’

‘You'll be rocking, In your stocking
When you see your big surprise
Cause I'll be rocking, in your stocking
You won't believe your big blue eyes’

‘Come on in and join the fun’

‘Cause there ain't gonna be no silent night!’

‘No-one's looking, kiss me quick’

Context aside, it’s a fantastic pop song and I love it. Gary perfectly captures the madness and excitement of a mid-1980s Christmas Eve party in a working men’s club with chugging guitar work, a sprinkle of sleigh-bells and a desperate vocal that seems to be screaming for Santa to hurry up and get his bastard presents down the chimney before wake-up time.

I can well imagine getting off with a fat old slag in the Oldbury Labour Club with this blasting through the speakers.

Durr, durr, durr, durr, durr, durr, Kidsmass...
Durr, durr, durr, durr, durr, durr, Kidsmass…

That's a great selection so far, and they're the songs I think the least of! The best is yet to come.
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I'll be back soon with loads more words and sentences in a variety of outlets.

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