Horse Meat Disco are a group of men who play music for dancing to. You won't find any tech-groove, hard-swing or tribal-industry cuts in ANY of their sets. Disco is what they put in their name and disco is what they play. If you do go to a Horse Meat Disco concert and hear James Hillard, Jim Stanton, Filthy Luka or Severino play ANYTHING other than disco you are legally entitled to your money back. That little detail is something HMD sneakily tuck away on the back, and at the bottom, of their tickets and is a fact that WRDM are happy to expose.

Last weekend I met up with Severino in Soho to discuss music, life and Horse Meat Disco's infamous beef with Disco Bloodbath. We had a look in some mucky bookshops, had a frapalappaccino in Bar Italia and sat romantically on the kerb outside The Admiral Duncan as thousands of tourists, arseholes and wankers slowly tramped by.

This is the transcript:


Q) For anyone unfamiliar with the name Severino, could you tell them who you are, what you do and why you do it?
A) I'm a resident DJ for a gay disco night called Horse Meat Disco in Vauxhall London every Sunday night...also I play regular at Dalston Superstore, Vogue, Fabrics, Shoreditch House, Edition Hotel, Manbar and resident DJ at The Bloc Tel Aviv for Pag Party...also spins regular in NYC at Cielo and Output and Prince Charles Berlin...I'm making music too.

Q) Has establishing yourself in the music industry been a massive uphill gardening session or a walk in the daisies?
A) Daisies darling...not so much into gardening unfortunately.

Q) What made you choose the moniker Severino as a DJ name? Did you every toy with prefixing it with DJ like a proper DJ (DJ Severino), or suffixing it with something more exciting like Bosh Master (DJ Bosh Master) or Raw Beatz (DJ Raw Beatz)?
A) Severino is my real Italian name(from my grandfather)so I thought it would be exotic here in LDN to keep it as a DJ name.

Q) Slow and circular insertions or hard and fast, piston-like thrusts?
A) Slow sometimes...but slow is more sexy.

Q) Growing up in Italy, were there any local influences? Club nights, DJs, promoters that made you consider what you do now an option? Or did you look beyond Lo stivale for inspiration?
A) I used to listen and play at disco-Afro stuff. In the 80s (the beginning) there was this huge Afro movement, we were listening more African stuff (Fela) but also early electronic (Tangerine Dream) stuff...also proper disco...but then went into hip hop and of course house. I love music...any kind of musique.

Q) Clap or snare?
A) Mmm, clap are more gay?? Ahah.

Q) Have you ever completed a transition in a DJ set with a spin-back? If so, which record was it and what was the reaction of the crowd?
A) RIP Groove...some speed garage stuff...very Notting Hill carnival...ahaha.

Q) Può spiegare la carne bovina tra Horse Meat Disco e Disco Bloodbath? Si tratta di un semplice nord / sud del fiume divide o fa lo sciopero martello più difficile?
A) Mmmm, ahaha...La carne di HMD is horse...but we don't eat horses, even if they do in some parts of Italy (including my area!)...I don't do differences with least I try.

Q) Who is your favourite oboist?
A) OMG, I don't know... :-( haven't follow so much.


Q) You are DJing with HMD at Random Magic on 26 October. Why should readers of this magazine choose Random Magic over Pure Pacha vs Café Mambo, which is on the same night in the same city (London)?
A) I guess credible music choice? Focus in different, great genres...enthusiastic music lovers too.

Q) What is Dan Beaumont really like?
A) A lovely chap...he loves his music and shares with people in his places...a great guy.

Q) If you had a gun to your head and had to choose, what is your all time favourite mix CD and why?
A) All those Choices CDs were great...not mix though...or those Jockey Slut comps...AMAZING.

Q) Stone cold sober or absolutely fucking terminated?
A) Mmmm, not so sober here most of the times...ahhaha...mmm determinated I guess.

Q) Richard Madeley?
A) I don't know, who's he?

Q) What do you and Horse Meat Disco have planned for the rest of the year and 2014?
A) Making more music from our studio with friends, singing and HMD Vol 4 is definitely in the pipeline...and to keep having fun, dance, travel and spread love all over the world.



What a lovely man! Please join me in wishing Severino all the very best for the future. He's a smashing young prospect and I'm certain that he's going all the way. Also, join me in urging the whole of Horse Meat Disco to sort me out with 2 x guest spots in The Eagle pod on the London Eye in November for me and Mrs Tonka.

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