WRDMore Hilarious Lookalikes!

Look at these pictures of dance music industry bigwigs who look like other people and LAUGH yourself inside out!


I'm not being funny, but if Sasha turned up on Brookside Avenue down at Channel 4 studios on my telly at 8.30pm on a Wednesday night I'd be thinking Jimmy Corkhill had spiked my cup of tea with smack! The Son of God definitely looks a bit like Barry Grant, doesn't he?! LOL

The last person I want beef with is DJ Sneak. His scathing put-downs and bitchy Tweets about DJs and producers who have had the temerity to be successful make him someone I definitely don't want to fuck with. The House Gangster would certainly meet his match with PROPER gangster, Vito Spatafore, though. If Vito were alive today he would lure DJ Sneak to a motel and cave the back of his skull in with the handle of a Glock 9 pistol after watching Jack Da Ripper pour the two of them a double Cognac. Vito would then wash his hands before tying the Blu Belly Bandit's hands to the bed-posts. Once the knots had been tightened he would proceed to have full aggravated sexual intercourse with the Track Assassin before whacking the hoo-er and burying his body in one of Tony's big skips. The famous walk of shame back home to his wife and kids would no doubt ensue! Winking smiley face.

They don't half look a like, don't they?! LOL

Cliff Richard looks like he could play that dead fella who was in Weekend at Bernie's 1 and Weekend at Bernie's 2. If they did make a sequel called Weekend at Bernie's 3 they should call the Peter Pan of Pop up on his telephone and make him an offer he can't refuse...the chance to be in a Hollywood film called Weekend at Bernie's 3!!! LOL

Sir Ricardo Villalobos, anyone? LOL Can you even imagine Ricky V riding a motorbike?!?! LOL More's to the point, can you honestly see Bradley Wiggins rockin' the famous Room 1 dancefloor at 9am on a Sunday morning?! He'd probably play that Queen song about riding bikes!! LOL

The Brain Bashers won the nation's hearts with their soulful, fast-paced stompers in the mid-late 90s. Is it any coincidence that this was the sexiest period of Pamela Anderson's life? Hepatitis C and sucking Tommy Lee's cock on a boat for CNN was literally years away. Rachael Shock out of the Brain Bashers, as far as I know, has never committed her's and Graham Eden's sex life to film. Here's hoping they do, eh fellas?! LOL

Delroy, you plonker! You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off! Delroy Edwards might be the cool new name on the block but did ANY of you know he used to be the singer in noughties supergroup, Hear'Say? No? Well, he wasn't but he don't half look as though he should have been! Doesn't he?! LOL

For crying out loud, don't let Marcel Dettmann anywhere near a loaded shot-gun! I've been listening to In Utero unt Berghain: Unplugged all week but I still can't understand a bloody word that Kurt Cobain is saying - it's all boom boom boom! Marcel Dettmann and Kurt Cobain might look exactly like one another but they technically can't share access to the 27 Club anymore. Marcel Dettmann is 35 years old!! Any one of those preceding sentences would have been good enough as a caption - I definitely didn't need to include all three! LOL

I honestly don't know who ripped off who here? Cliff Tumble has been around a LOT longer than the Peter Pan of Minneapolis Funk...so draw your own conclusions! LOL
I'm properly bored now and my contact lenses are starting to itch. I hope you enjoyed giggling at these hilarious lookalikes as much as I've enjoyed copying the pictures from Google Images, pasting them side-by-side in Microsoft Word, using the Snipping Tool to hold the two images together before saving it as one jpeg to my Downloads folder and then uploading to this WRDM Post page prior to spell-checking, proof-reading, previewing the post, publishing it, sharing on Twitter, Facebook and occasionally in the RA forum set up specially for the world famous Weekly Review of Dance Music.

I'll be back soon with more and more posts, the first ever WRDMFM podcast and maybe a guest article or two on another fabulous website or something, we'll see how it goes, etc.

Who's with me?

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