WRDMega Powers

The Mega Powers are a new tag team in the World Web Federation (WWF). The Mega Powers consist of the Weekly Review of Dance Music and "Macho Mate" Ran$om Note with Miss Angie (Ran$om's real life wife, though portrayed online as his girlfriend) as their valet. As of today, Hogan is the only surviving Mega Powers member as Elizabeth died in 2003 and Savage in 2011.

From now until they want me to stop, I'll be writing guest articles on The Ran$om Note. I assure you that it will not be to the detriment of my writing on here, the world famous Weekly Review of Dance Music. YOU are my real friends.

Last weekend, I packed little Adam and Russell Heaps off to Ibiza. I worked extremely hard to secure them both guest list for We Love at Space on Sunday and I am now counting this as the third and final prize for Russell. Russell, as you will remember, was promised three prizes for SENSATIONALLY winning my Draw a DJ competition. We are now all square.

Here is a link to the article I wrote for The Ran$om Note, based on the weekend Adam and Russell enjoyed at my expense:

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I'll be back real soon with MASSIVE QUESTIONS being put to Flori, Remix of the Week, more album and single reviews, critiques of all the different club nights I regularly attend, MASSIVE QUESTIONS with Brandon Block, the very first ever WRDMFM podcast with Draper and an investigation into the escalating Musical Bingo wars in London. #bringandshare all day fucking long, mates.

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