Tim Sheridan is more than just a man. He is a DJ and dance music producer. He is a confidant of all twelve Utah Saints. Tim Sheridan is the party promoter and flyer giver-outer for legendary mid-morning shindig, Veryverywrongindeed. He is handsome. He is Sir Dancealot. The bitch been around before my mother born.

After visiting a cool new tourist shop off of Baker Street on Saturday afternoon, I spied Tim Sheridan playing Snap with Shane Watcha in the corner of the nearby Weatherspoons. I stormed in, sat down beside them, totally ignored Shane and fired off question after question after question to Tim whilst angrily clicking my fingers for service.

For Tim, my MASSIVE QUESTIONS were a welcome distraction to his game of Snap. Shane was storming into an unassailable lead. Here's the transcript, remembered from my mind:


Q) For anyone unfamiliar with the name Tim Sheridan, could you tell THEM who you are, what you do and why you do it?
A) I worked out recently that most people only go clubbing for about 3 years before life/drugs/kids/spouses forces them to stop. So most people don't know who I am. This is borne out if you go in any magazine office like say Mixmag or DJ, both of whom I've been involved in since they's like the set of Bugsy Malone in there. My fave song from Bugsy Malone is this one:

But they are all dead good. Yeah, I like a musical if it's a good one so what? I think the thing about 'being known' is; if it's part of your job it's to realise that you are only as good as your last thing and it's not a given right. Why should someone who is 18 know me? When I was a big noise in Ibiza they were 10. When I was releasing 2-step, sorry Deep House(!), Disclosure were 3 years old. I did my first gig in 1985. I'm ok about being old. You have to be. I generally assume people don't know who I am. Cos they usually don't. I'm not Madonna. 

What do I do? I make and play music for dancing. Why? I've been doing it so long I don't know how to do anything else.

Q) Was establishing yourself in the dance music industry an uphill struggle or an arrogant strut through the park?
A) Good question. I'm not sure if I am established. I have been though. Things will change very dramatically if you do anything long enough. I've been in and out of favour more than once. I started before there was any industry so you could say it was a walk in the park to begin with because none of us got paid or even took it all that seriously in the 80s. We were musicians in bands and we'd DJ before or after shows for a laugh. The whole thing of making DJing a big thing kind of happened around you and one day you were DJing more than playing proper gigs and eventually promoters cottoned on that one bloke with a box was cheaper than 5 idiots with a van. It becomes a struggle every 10 years or so when younger people come up and want you out of the way and you kind of have to prove (again) you can do the job. Eventually you can really find yourself cast aside and then it's a real Sisyphean task. I guess 'both' is the short answer.

Q) Open or closed hi-hat?
A) Both. All my life. Frequently.

Q) What is so wrong about Veryverywrongindeed?
A) The record label or the events? My Dad calls me 'The Betamax Kid' because I always start things when everyone else is leaving. He said "I'm nearly 80 and even I know nobody pays for music offa the internot" (sic) and this was when I started the label 7 years, 42 releases and gazillions of lost quids ago. Does that suffice as an answer?

Q) I used to love going to VVWI at The Key. I'm sure I used to see Erin O'Connor walking around. Did she go to VVWI or was I hallucinating?
A) I don't know who the hell that is so I can't help you there. My knowledge of 'slebz stopped with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. And, to be fair, they've all been pretty shit since.

Q) I attended the last ever party at The Key with VVWI but, due to being spannered, I cannot remember a thing about it now. Can you remind me, and WRDM, who played and how good it was?
A) Yeah we called it the "Bring a Sledgehammer Party" because the bulldozers were literally outside the place. I will need to rummage for a bit to find your answer though cos a lot has happened both in life and to my brain in the 6 years since. I do know we had Ewan Pearson on the back to back duties with me as a late unannounced extra bonus which was one of the several reasons it was so ace. You were spannered?? Nikki who used to run The Key was so spannered he just said 'fuck it' at about 4am and left the whole place to it and we carried on til about 2pm with the builders at the door calling the police. It was dead good. Hang on. Rummage completed:

Q) What made you choose the moniker Tim Sheridan as a DJ name? Did you every toy with prefixing it with DJ like a proper DJ (DJ Tim Sheridan), or suffixing it with something more exciting like Dancefloor Busta (DJ Dancefloor Busta) or Beat Droppa (DJ Beat Droppa)?
A) Haha "proper DJ" nice. It's my name what else would I use? I think it's a bit wanky to give yourself a cool name. Very wanky actually. "Oh my name? I'm MC Humongous O'Tool yeah I'm DJ Dangertrousers. Call me Iceberg Chillibollockz. yeah I'm DJ Wacky Fucker. Etcetera". My first and last DJ pseudonym was "Sir Dancealot" you'll be amused to hear. I used to play Disco in the 80s.

Q) What are Utah Saints really like?
A) Still the nicest people I've met in the biz. You might think "Yeah but that's easy in a biz full of twats like yours" so I'd go so far as to say some of the nicest people I've ever met anywhere. Dave Beer used to be our tour manager (once) and used to call us 'The Celebrity Squares'. Jez's Dad was a physics teacher and for all the dayglo dreadlocks, Jez is his Dad. In a humongous stadium he'd go "Thankyouverymuchladies 'n' gennlemen" in a tiny voice after each song. None of the rest even drank (ever, not even tried it) let alone did anything else. That's my job. I love them lads. I owe them everything.

Q) Stone cold sober or absolutely fucking terminated?
A) Me? Sober now. I can still embarrass the hell out of anyone who wants to go at it... but only if it's a special occasion though. No one can survive 30 years on the gear. Only if you are a mega earner and have a network of doctors and shepherds around you, and are treated like a child might you survive, and even then, your body might but your brain will be shredded. I wouldn't change a thing though. Ten years in Ibiza was pretty special and I don't care if I can't remember a lot of it. I'm all about the moment and always have been. Balls to the past. My brain chemistry is fucked now, like. My synapses are like raisins. I exercise and eat like a monster and I'm tip top but if I fall off the wagon it can take a week to recover. And by recover I mean I can barely move for 2 or 3 days. And by a week I mean 7 days not just a bit moody on a Tuesday. It's not good. I'm a delicate flower. One day you have to choose if you are going to take part in the world or live in a bubble. All caners face that choice. There's no advice or rules everyone finds their own way... the hard way.

Q) Curate your fantasy party. What's it called? Where is it? Who's playing (can be dead or alive)? What time does it start? Can we wear trainers?
A) I spent my whole life doing that cheers, I'll pass. I stopped recently after about 8 years of mainly free parties when I realised exactly no-one goes around saying "Gosh! I bet all this took a lot of time and money!" they are too busy trying to nick the lights or blag some gak. Sounds cheesy but all I've worked on and those to come are my best shot at it.

Q) Gillian Taylforth?
A) Hahahahaha! All I remember her from was as Christopher Biggins' assistant on 'On Safari' which no one under 40 will remember. She had that rough voice then too. She was well fit. I missed her turn on Eastenders. Way too miserable for me. Plus I've never had a telly as an adult. Don't get me wrong, I watch rubbish all the time but on DVD. Just never had a telly plugged into an aerial like.

Q) Do you have any advice for any young wannabe DJs, producers or promoters who read the world famous Weekly Review of Dance Music?
A) Not really. I used to but I don't think it makes any difference at all what I say and I'm a bit sick of my own voice now haha.

Q) Literally hundreds of people read this blog per quarter, so is there anything you'd like to plug?
A) Nah. Come say hello to me on Facebook I won't bite. Well I may gnaw a bit.


What a lovely man! Please join me in wishing Tim all the very best for the future and support ALL of his future endeavours.

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I'll be back soon with more posts, reviews, news and EXCLUSIVES. I packed off two of my junior reporters to Ibiza on Saturday morning for We Love at Space on Sunday. They were due back an hour ago with a full review and I haven't seen them yet. If I find out they went to Circo Loco today instead of coming back to WRDMHQ I'll go fucking spare.

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