Here at WRDM HQ my Senior Creative Team have been working hard to come up with innovative ways for me to make some money from this blog. Jonny said I should enable Google AdSense - I made hardly fuck all through that so I sacked him. Ali put forward a very compelling case for getting Google Affiliate Ads involved - I've made zero pence through that so I sacked him. Tamara suggested we plug businesses that have fuck all to do with dance music on WRDM through a media agency so that I could get free gifts and vouchers - that one has worked out alright.

Scrap that, it worked out better than alright. I'm not just saying this but Total Media have been an absolute joy to collaborate with. Total Media's SEO Account Assistant, Ana Jimenez, in particular has proved to me that not everyone who works professionally in the media are arseholes. Her professionalism, dedication to making sure I receive the right Asda vouchers and her everyday joie de vivre has been an inspiration. To me. Media Agency London.

Last week, Tamara left WRDM HQ to find another job somewhere else, somewhere else.

THESE are the mega money-making ideas I've been forced into presenting to MYSELF since the vouchers have dried up, and don't tell me I'm ripping off Viz with their fake adverts because I'm not. These items will be available to buy.

Circo Loco 2013 T-Shirt

Price and size negotiable on YOUR financial circumstances and body size.

Tell me that you won't pull when you're wearing this at DC10 and I'll call you a liar, or not very self-confident. Circo Loco don't make t-shirts, so I am. This is the classic white T, 100% cotton with a fabric weight of 5.0 oz and the world famous clown logo arrogantly looking out at the Italians you'll be dancing with on the White Isle this summer.

Simply stunning.

John Digweed Oyster Card Holder (London only)

Price negotiable on YOUR financial circumstances - holder only: Oyster Card not included.

London is the capital city of style in the UK. The British Flag is the official flag of the nation of the United Kingdom. If John Digweed was a soap star or singer, journalists who work at The Guardian would be brainwashing us all into calling him a national treasure. Thankfully, John Digweed is a DJ whose job it is is to play repetitive beats to youngsters on drugs. He may not look as cool as your Seth Troxlers and your Wolf + Lambs but he has the same hairstyle as Richie Hawtin and he's probably richer than all of them put together.

Travel the tube in style...because nothing says underground like a bulldog and GREAT Britain's foremost progressive DJ staring arrogantly back at you whilst the Union Jack waves proudly behind them.

WRDM Clubbing Gloves

Price and size negotiable on YOUR financial circumstances and  size.

Need I explain these? Yes. Throughout the years, clubbers have been stuck with only two handwear choices on the dance floor: white gloves or bare skin. I stopped wearing white gloves in nightclubs about six months after Michael Jackson died. I looked fucking tasteless.

Whilst researching clubwear in Camden, I took a stroll down memory lane and left into Cyberdog. I later deduced that the only items of clothing they haven't stuck green neon onto was gloves, so I've jumped in quick and patented these groovy bastards. Imagine how many birds you'll pull wearing these at Club Fabric! They're green rubber with green neon colouring, bearing the legend WRDM 2013 in a classic tattoo style. Tonka's Techno Gloves all feature the be-bearded face of Jesus, arrogantly looking out at MY flock.

They come in pairs, all sizes, and are even more satisfying than sinking your fingers into Nina Kraviz's knickers - trust me.


If you're interested in any of the items above, please do get in touch and we can talk business. If t-shirts, card wallets and gloves don't take your fancy, I'll be rolling out much more merch as the months go on.

Keep your lids peeled, Tiddlers.

I'll be back SOON with the podcast (I promise), THAT Dabbler article, some Marv N J Detroit Hair Wars stuff and much, much more.

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