Remix of the Week

This week's Remix of the Week is not even a remix (again). It's an original track by an American artist called SoundFX09. The song is called Ecstasy Expert and the genre is nu-Goa. Need I say more?


It's about 140bpm, trancey and has the same kind of vocals Lisa Lashes put on her Tidy Trax classic, Looking Good, in 1999.


Ecstasy Expert is a breath of fresh air floating above all the shit that mainstream music journalists shovel down your throat (Disclosure, Rudimental, Duke Drummond, Disclosure and DJ Calvin Harris). It's that brilliant a tune you don't even need to worry about the sound quality. It's the raw stuff like what that Kyle Hall does, know what I mean?

I don't know when Ecstasy Expert is out in the shops but it's probably on a white label or something so get down Phonica and get diggin'.

I'll be back in a few days with notes on Marv N' J, and details of my meeting with Draper. WRDMFM is fast approaching...

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