Marv N' J Review

Please refer to marv-n-j-detroit-hair-wars for what this review refers to.

Marv N' J were fucking brilliant. I triple-dropped at least three and Magda looked delightful.
I will never EVER scrub the wrist-sized X that the door lady Biro'd on me.

Marv N' J at Loft Studios

This post goes out to everyone at Glastonbury. You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might get what you need.

What you NEED are additional DANCEALIKES!

Charlie Watts might program the drum machine for the Rolling Stones but sit him in front of a paint brush and ask him to stick dots all over a MASSIVE cartoon, he'll fucking shit himself. Roy Lichtenstein wouldn't though! LOL

Don't shout "STEPHEN!" at Groove Armada, shout it at Adam and Joe! LOL

I pray to GOD that Giles Smith doesn't pick up David Gray up instead of James Priestly on the way to Secretsundaze on Sunday 30 January 2013 (tickets still available here, more on the door: secretsundaze)! LOL

The only shell Pharrell Williams carries is the shell inside his AK-47 when rolling past the five 0 and dropping it like it's hot with Snoop Doggy Dogg in South Central LA, Los Angeles, California. He doesn't carry one on his back like a turtle does! LOL

Sven Vath would be a very Angry Boy if someone were to tell him he looked exactly like Australian comedian, Chris Lilley! LOL

I pray to our Lord Jesus Christ the son of GOD that James Priestly doesn't turn up with a Hercule Poirot cake instead of Giles Smith at Sundissential, I mean Secretsundaze, on Sunday 30 June 2013 (tickets still available here, more on the door: sundissential, I mean secretsundaze)! LOL

What a brilliant weekend it's been so far! Glastonbury on the telly, a 9/10 for Marv N' J and BONUS dancealikes! The Weekly Review of Dance Music can not be beaten.

Jay-Z said it for me in You Don't Know, "Muthafucka. I. Will. Not. Lose. Ever."

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