This Friday sees my favourite lady DJ and her male man mate play in WEST London. Magda and Heartthrob are used to playing under their real names, Magda and Heartthrob, but on Friday 21 June 2013 at 10pm they take to the Loft Studios booth in Kensal Rise as Marv N' J. Let me clear this up now: Marv N' J at Loft Studios will be a techno night not, as commonly mistaken, a Marvin Jay (@marvinjay) urban UK rap set stuffed with SKILLIT (@SKILLITMUSIC) songs and dark MCing.

No, this will be a celebration of Magda and Heartthrob's spacier explorations. Sonic snaps that make your body jack and psychadelic loops that, whilst sober or old, could be mistaken for absolute shit and/or just noise, is actually fucking brilliant in both its simplicity AND its ostentatious-ness  If you want rough-arsed sounding cuts and creepy ice pads I suggest you stay in and stick a Kyle Hall tape on. Marv N' J at Loft Studios is all about two pals making you have a party whilst they have a party with you behind the decks, in front of you.

The Background

A source close to the pair recently revealed that Marv N' J are actually the nicknames they have for one another, and that their Kensal Rise set will ALSO serve as an event to raise awareness of the Detroit Hair Wars. The Detroit Hair Wars have raged since 1991 and has been granted as much media coverage as the shit that's been kicking off between Juba and Khatoum.

Three years ago, Detroit passed Vietnam as America's longest war, overtaking their previous best time of nineteen years in Vietnam. Afghanistan, third in the table, is still an ongoing mission, but with Detroit sat pretty on a historic safety net of eleven years it's going to take a break out of peace exactly similar, but with its properties set to inverse, to that of Newcastle United's collapse in the 1995-96 Premier League season, complete with Kevin Keegan's infamous "I will love it if we beat them" rant and Manchester United snatching the title from under the Magpie's noses in dramatic fashion. At the end of the day, Clive, Afghanistan really does have a mountain to climb.

...of course, I'm joking. Detroit Hair Wars is an annual event that celebrates hairdressers in America who can make people's barnets look big and colourful. Magda and Heartthrob are MASSIVE fans, and I hear that Heartthrob is even going get some colour applied to his fringe especially for Friday! My dad's mate told my dad to tell me that he heard it on good authority that Magda is going for a full on lace front weave.

The Conclusion

DJ Heartthrob and DJ Magda
So, there you have it. If you don't go to Loft Studios on Friday night for Marv N' J with a top Tonkin' hairstyle you're either:

a) a bit special.

b) you don't like dancing to grown up techno and space noises with good looking people/hair at the only place in west London that does that kind of thing.

c) going to this.

On all the press it says that its rare for Magda and Heartthrob to play as Marv N' J. Fuck knows what that actually means because I saw 2 Many DJs once under their "rare" pseudonym, Speculoos Dance Squad. It was exactly like being at a club and listening to a 2 Many DJs set.

I'm in there somewhere

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I'll be there on Friday. Sergio sculpted my usual short back and sides last week, so I can't do anything other than a smart side parting.

I'll be posting my Remix of the Week this week, that Dabbler article and an update on the podcast, WRDMFM. I don't know what USB microphone to buy. Bill Brewster suggested I get a half-decent one but I don't know if I should trust him...what do YOU think???



Ps. Here are some of the people you will definitely see at Loft Studios this Friday.