Hilarious Lookalikes!

TFI (Thank Fuck It's) Friday!

Today's the day for putting your feet up on the desk/forklift truck dashboard and laughing out loud over pictures on the internet. If you don't enjoy howling at lookalikes then you're fucking simple. So, get your sophisticated eyeballs all over the hilarious dance music lookalikes I've compiled.

WARNING: do not scroll down if you have weak ribs because they will snap in two.

Have you ever seen Seth Troxler and Ronaldo on the same football pitch?! LOL

Actress and the singer from Fine Young Cannibals have one thing in common: they look like each other! LOL

When Richie Hawtin was younger, the only club he would have been booked to DJ at would have been The Rovers Return function room...with Curly Watts! LOL

Imagine what would happen if DJ Luciano tried to play Latin flavoured minimal techno on Donnington's main heavy metal stage instead of James Hetfield playing guitar and singing! LOL

Lisa Lashes? Dirty Den? Dirty Lisa more like! LOL

Have you ever seen Michael Eavis greeting Mike Manumission, Prosumer and P-Thugg off the coach at Glastonbury? Nope, me neither! LOL

I thought Seth Troxler was a DJ, not the lead guitarist in Pixies called Joey Santiago! LOL

I can't imagine Lofty off of Eastenders playing techno in the E20 like what Surgeon does at House of God in Birmingham! LOL

Rt Hon David Willetts MP might be good at talking about politics, but he wouldn't know his way around the main stage at Bestival 2009...even if he had THREE brains. Florian Schneider out of Kraftwerk would! LOL

If you squint a bit, Nina Kraviz smoking a fag looks a bit like Carla Bruni smoking a fag! LOL

I can't imagine Lee Foss being rude to an interviewer and being shit at acting like Rhys Ifans. He's a really pleasant man and DJ - that's why! LOL

Prins Thomas beats up women...NOT! He looks a bit like Justin Lee Collins though. LOL

I'm bored now. If you have any more dance music lookalikes please get in touch by ANY of the following means:

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Facebook: :koobecaF
Email: tonkawrdm@gmail.com

I'll be back soon with a review of Marv N' J at Loft Studios, MASSIVE QUESTIONS with Acid Mondays and MORE, MORE, MORE...how do you like it? How do you like it?