WRDM21 - The Ableton 9 Review

I fucking love making (dance) music and I am STARTLED at having slipped through the net when it comes to the electronic dance production big league. Look at who I'm up against and tell me why I'm not getting my slag hammer drained by Rihanna right now:
  • David Guetta: better than him.
  • Swedish House Mafia: better than them.
  • Daft Punk: as good as him, if not better.
  • Calvin Harris: better than him.

I started off making hard house and French filter on Music 2000 for the Playstation 1. Even though I clocked it twice I still went to the trouble of loadi

I’ve been making dance songs sin

After I unwrapped Music 2000 on my 19th birthday I couldn’t help but pump my fists and kiss my dad on th

Like Dizzee Rascal before me, Father Christmas chucked Music 2000 and a Playstation 1 down the chimney for me on my 19th birthday. I became an expert on it within 3 years. Seven (7) years later I upgraded to Magix Music Maker Deluxe 2007 on my silver Sony Vaio wifi-enabled laptop. Soon after that, I was releasing vocal hard house songs on Soundcloud under the pseudonym, Da Nut Kracka. Milligrid Records got wind and, well, the rest, as they say, you know, well, it is all in the past, like history.

I got signed but they made me change my name (there was already a performance artist with an Equity card called Da Nut Kracka), which I was relaxed about. Being a key member of the Milligrid Records roster was enough of an ego trip, and reward enough. It also made making connections in the industry easier than popping small soapy bubbles with massive metal fingers. Champa Moore, the American tech-house rebel from NYC, America, had heard about the buzz I was creating with Milligrid and we collaborated on a couple of loops. He asked me what kit I was using, I told him about Magix Music Maker Deluxe 2007.

"Are you muthaeffin' serious, you muthasuckin' douchlord?"

The phone went dead. He called back 2 minutes later and barked out the URL of a special address that would lead me to a server in America where I could have Ableton Live 8 Suite for a knock-down price of zero dollars...or nought pence in English money.

Within months I'd mastered the controls...all of them. Ableton Live 8 Suite had everything I could have wished for. You could turn the volume up on certain instruments, you could pan from left to right and back again with ease. All the drum sounds are in it, as well as hundreds of synthesizer sounds, including pianos, claps and bass lines. It really did what it said on the tin!

In December last year, my Sony laptop packed up and proper bost up on me. I took it to the cretins in my WRDM IT department. They rebuilt the laptop but they couldn't retrieve Ableton Live 8 Suite, so I had to buy a new copy from the internet. I Googled the word Ableton. Halfway down the page I saw a result called Ableton 9 Crack. The name intrigued me. I'd never heard of that version so I hovered over the link, left clicked on my small black mouse and hit F5 TWICE until the Google list was replaced with a web page telling me all about Ableton Live 9 Crack.

Ch-ch-ch Check It Out...its fucking FREE. In 2013 - The Age of Austerity, a company like Ableton can put out a cracking (excuse the pun. LOL out loud) bit of freeware. It really makes you question what this coalition government is on about when they talk about national redundancies, outsourcing of expensive public sector departments and no more borrowing. Sorry to go all political but that kind of thing winds me up. Roll on UKIP in 2015, eh lads?

Ableton 9 Crack is just like Ableton Live 8 Suite but with better colours, more options and an edge to it that I just can't put my finger on. It just fucking sounds good. Tell people you use Logic or Cubase and their eyes glaze over. Mention Ableton and, suddenly, they're interested. Ableton 9 is cooler than Cubase, Propellerhead, Sony Acid Pro and Fruity Loops all rolled into one.


It just fucking is. PLUS, the Akai APC20 is only compatible with Ableton software.

In Ableton Nine you can make house music, trance, acid, minimal techno, acid techno, hard house and UK 2-step garage. For the heavy rockers there are guitar notes you can use, but, unfortunately, there are no chords. There is also a neat function where you can drag songs from your iTunes into Ableton and MIX them together like you would in a club. This is an excellent addition but it pissed me off when I learned about it.


I spent the money I saved getting Ableton for free on 2 x Stanton direct drive turntables, a yellow Numark mixer, Cambridge Audio amp and 2 x big, black stereo speakers (with cabling). I don't need them. I can make all the mega-mixes I want on my laptop now...and I do.

So, there you have it. If that doesn't make you want to get Ableton 9 I honestly think there is something wrong with you. For me, Ableton 9 is to music production software what Footman James is to insurance specialists. Both Ableton and Footman James are recognised as the market leaders in their fields of business. Rightly so, and long may that continue. I was actually talking to Jay Shepheard about Footman James last week, he told me that their current Classic Car Insurance deals are "hella competitive, hombre." He then texted me a link and asked me to let YOU GUYS know all about it: Classic Car Insurance

Ableton Live 9 Crack Suite - 9/10
BUY IT: Ableton 9 Suite

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