Remix of the Week

This week's remix isn't even a remix, it's a cover. I'm that confident in my own blogging ability, I can openly lie to you in the subject name because the content of the post, and the cover song in question is so strong.

If you've been reading the world famous Weekly Review of Dance Music from the beginning (Tuesday, 12 July 2011), you'll know that there are only three things I love, in order:
  1. Dance music (1987 - present)
  2. WWF (1988 - 1993)
  3. Gangster rap (Straight Outta Compton - The Blueprint 2)
Fuck All Nite on The Blueprint 2 killed modern rap. Not one track by ANY rapper since has bettered it. The music, by The Neptunes, sounds like the theme to a 90s platform game - but set 200 years in the future. The lyrics are all about shagging birds and having loads of money - classic rap rhymes. The combination of a brilliant song name, retro/futuristic video game music, sexist brag-rap and a Pharrell cameo is unique. It has not, and will not, be bettered.

Before Fuck All Nite arrived, the best song in rap was Forgot About Dre by Dr Dre. The bit where the old NWA sample, "C-C-Comp...tonnnn" comes in towards the end, and Eminem's bit about talking gibberish is FUCKING QUALITY. Hilariously, Jay-Z wrote most of this track for Dr Dre - that's how powerful he is. Not only did he bring you the Oldies, Eazy-Es, Ice Cubes, and The D.O.Cs, the Snoop D-O-double-Gs and the group that said muthafuck the po-lice, he also sat Jigga down and made him write a song about how good he (Dr Dre) is!

Here is a cover version of Forgot About Dre that is my REMIX of the Week. It's shit and nowhere near as good as the original.

I'll be back next week with more etc, etc.

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