Remix of the Week

This week's Remix of the Week is a remix of a song sung by a friend of the family. He's a German called Freund der Familie, and the remix is by a mysterious man called RNDM.

Although the hype that recently whipped up around this release was astronomical, the song itself is a delightful stroll through a dark wood at the end of an after-party. You're on your way home with a grin AND a frown on your mouth. You're walking and almost floating at the same time. You're accompanied by a new friend who sounds like he's just learning to play the trumpet; he blows the end but isn't confident enough to press his fingers to the holes on the brass pipe bit. You begin to clap along.


You clap on the 2 and 4 until you reach the end of the wood, turn left onto the dual carriageway and buy a Strawberry Nourishment drink from the nearby Esso. When you get home, you while away the afternoon sniffing up the rest of your poppers whilst Bibio's new LP tucks you in and sends you off to sleep.

There is no break-down in RNDM's remix of Porentief, therefore there is no build-up. I never thought I'd be pushing a dance track that has no build-up in the middle of it...I must be getting old. Porentied (RNDM's Remix) is that fucking brilliant.

Buy it here: Porentief (RNDM's Remix)

If you don't agree with anything I've said in this week's post, go away think about yourself and sue me. If you do, there will be only one way you can get one over on me in front of a judge. Redress Law are the experts in advising and litigating against mis-sold remixes and are, frankly, the BEST professional negligence solicitors in the world. So, do me a favour and don't sue ME using Redress Law, sue RNDM for ruining Freund der Familie's original masterpiece.

I'll be back next Tuesday with more stuff that what comes out of my pen.

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