Change to WRDM Opening Hours

Oil Didst O Lord, O Heavenly Father. Read this now.

I was running out of M&Ms the other day, so I left WRDM HQ and sprinted the short walk to Leicester Square to buy some more. As I approached the M&M shop I wondered what it would be like to work as a light man in Club Fabric. How would I feel, I pondered, having to sit in a box at one end of the famous Fabric Room 1 dance hall for 10 hours sober? Would I be fit enough to do that thing where they flick the mains light switch on and off really quickly during the build-ups? How jealous would I get when I see Ricky V getting off with the Italian bird I've been watching all night? I decided there and then, as I struggled to find any M&Ms I could fucking EAT in the M&M shop,  that I would HATE to be a light man in Club Fabric.

"I'll stick to blogging about the place, LOL" I chuckled to the American family behind me, as I paid for my M&M towel, M&M book and M&M mug. I high-fived their kids on the way out and whispered to the bouncer that I was going to, "work even harder on the blog." He fist bumped me.

So, the WRDM (Weekly Review of Dance Music) is breaking from tradition and letting go of the rules that I have let govern me, it, and the blog, from their usual opening times and, therefore, allowing me, Tonka, more freedom to write what I want and, more importantly, when I want in as much as and insofar as the usual Tuesday post is, as of today, no more but is to be replaced in future, as of today, with multiple posts each week, including weekends and bank holidays so as to be not as restricted post and schedule-wise, thus, this post you read now is actually being written on the Thursday night instead of the Monday night, ready for Tuesday morning. My promise to you is that the there will be no deterioration in the high standard I have already set (myself).

I know you'll miss the familiarity, the trapeze net. Knowing that each Tuesday of the week you'll log on to the internet and Google search THIS blog, safe in the knowledge that you'll be loading up a brand new post ready for your eyes to gobble up. However, I need your trust - and I know that I need to stay on top of my game from now on.

"Why Tonka, you're bang on top already?"

Well, 1) The podcast is nearly ready 2) I'm trailing websites like Teshno, Mixmag and Resident Advisor in content quantity (contity) 3) I've been guilty of complacency and DO NOT want to fall behind in content quality (quantent) to websites like Don't Stay In, Up All Night and Mixmag. I need to pull my fucking socks up and run this like the business it should be. So, you'll be hearing a lot more from me in the coming weeks.

It's going to be a hot summer, and I'm not talking about the weather. Which reminds me, if you want to get away for the summer/for good and go abroad to holiday/live there are some wonderful houses for sale in Scotland. Scotland is a small country off the east coast of the Republic of Ireland. There's nothing to do up there but the scenery looks alright. For the dance fans there is the nightclub, Colours. Slam and Optimo are also from Scotland, as is Prince and Mike Myers. Reason, as reason enough for YOU to visit (Scotland).

If you don't fancy Scotland, go abroad properly and jet to Limassol Marina in Cyprus. Limassol Marina is destined to become the premier destination in the eastern Mediterranean and its most exclusive waterfront development one of the finest in the world. It combines elegant residences and a state-of-the-art marina with exclusive restaurants and shops, to create a lifestyle uniquely shaped by ‘living on the sea.’ But don't just take my word for it, click on the links above for the full sales pitch.

I'll be back next Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday or whenever with all your dance music news and reviews. The brakes are off now, fellas.

Coming soon is a Marv N J feature and a preview of Mathew Jonson's new album, Her Blurry Pictures.

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