WRDM Sell Out 1

Hello there, tiddlers.

WRDM Sell Out is a new item on the show. It is a sub-genre of the usual WRDM to sit alongside MASSIVE QUESTIONS, Medium Questions and one-off specials like WRDMini - Hands Across The Water and the hugely successful WRDM @ Bloc 2012. Hopefully, Sell Out will be the first of many posts in that particular fence.

Due to the ever increasing popularity of the world famous Weekly Review of Dance Music I get approached by all sorts of companies offering me material goods in exchange for a mention on here. It seems like every other day I have Dixons knocking down the door to my office at WRDM HQ throwing monitors and printers at me. Last week they even asked me to take a black iPod Nano off their hands! I told them to fuck off because I already have one.

All this brings me to recommend an event that is not only close to my heart, but also close to Matter. I don't care what anyone says, Matter is fucking brilliant. So, get yourself a ticket to Alegria - Cirque du Soleil at The O2 in Greenwich and dance the night away afterwards at Matter.

Click on the MASSIVE link below. NOW.

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