When you (I) say the name Miguel Campbell you (I) can’t help feeling he should have changed his surname to De La Sosa or Lopez when applying for his Equity card. He won’t get ANY gigs in Ibiza with his current name. Despite this handicap the young man from England, Great Britain is forging a name for himself in dance music that is as fast-rising as it will no doubt be long-lasting if reviews like this are anything to go by.

When his new MP3, Back In Flight School, dropped on my welcome mat a few months ago I started rubbing my hands together. It was cold and I hadn't put the central heating on. Once I’d got comfortable I looked at the cover of the record and felt instantly hot under the collar AND warm all over. There is a big plane in the sky flying THROUGH the sky on its way to somewhere hot and exotic. To make it even more hot there is an emblem on the wing that looks uncannily like the Hot Creations palm tree logo which is a coincidence because Back In Flight School is ON Hot Creations!! It is a design that is hot as fuck whilst cool as a hot potato at the same time.

Everyone knows that Hot Creations are the best fuc…

…to be honest, I’m getting tired of writing this blog. The last thing I want to write about is a fella who makes Daft Punk-lite, background house music and pretend that it’s the best fucking thing I’ve heard in ages just so that I get more free CDs from the promotions company I suck up to every month. I love dance music LOADS but I'm not that excited about the shit I'm hearing at the moment. This poor period in dance has had a direct effect on the quality of my normally quality writing, and it is for this reason and this reason only that I, and you, should blame DANCE music for the bad - as in bad - posts I'm currently knocking out.

Each Monday night I go to my local internet cafe and order a cup of tea and two slices of internet. On Tuesday morning I sit down on a toilet, open up my copy of Four Four Two and shit out a steaming pile of WRDM before smearing it all over the internet and going to work in an office with people I don't like. It's alright for me to do that because I'm an unpaid blogger with no responsibility to my audience. When you're on a record label getting paid to produce music that people make an effort to seek out and buy you have to do better than sticking a slick fucking cover on the front fucking cover and making stuff Wolf + Lamb would have laughed at two years ago. If you're on Hot Creations you'll get played out by DJs, and your CDs bought by everyone, no matter what the Weekly Review of Dance Music says so I don't even know why the fuck I'm bothering to carry on writing. I have zero influence on anything. Nobody reads this. YOU are the only person reading this blog and YOU have let me down by not promoting ME enough over the last 18 months. I should be at Mixmag or DJ Mag now, looking forward to the office Christmas party at Fabric with people like Seb Wheeler, but I'm sat here in a horrible little internet cafe on the Edgware Road with The Young Apprentice on in the background, and an office party at Southwark Nando's coming up that I can't get out of. Nobody is going to pay for me to go to 2013 Miami Winter Music Conference and it's all YOUR fault. And the current state of dance music.

Saying that, Back In Flight School by Miguel Campbell is a tour de force, it is the future and if you don't queue up outside HMV to buy it you're a vile, brain-dead waste of a human being. Get out of life, you cretin. Now.

Back In Flight School - 10/10


I'll probably be back next Tuesday with more stuff and loads of things.

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