What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever seen? Saw IV? Freddy 2? The hate in your daddy's eyes as he belts mummy again for not being who he wants her to be? Candyman 1? This: SCARY YOUTUBE CLIP ? Or Grotbags off of Emu?

Whatever your answer is, it's wrong because THIS post is the scariest thing you haven't actually seen yet, but if you continue to read on throughout this post you will be in no doubt that WRDM MASSIVE QUESTIONS to Shane Watcha, as a sub-post of WRDM, is the scariest thing you have ever seen, including all of the above, and more probably if you really think about it.

Shane Watcha is the spookiest man in dance, everyone agrees, so I was absolutely shitting myself when he agreed to fly me out to his holiday home in Transylvania for a sit down chat beside his massive fucking open fireplace - especially when he told me his butler is called Dracula Fotheringay-Phipps IX. Here is the transcript of this historical date...

Q) For anyone unfamiliar with the spooky name, Shane Watcha, could you tell us who you are, what you do and why you do it?
A) I'm a grown up kid..... much like Peter Pan. Always looking for adventure and errrrr good times. I love getting high too.

Q) You are the Managing Director at Zombie Sound System. Has establishing this spooky company in the industry been a pain in the arse or a walk in the park, like?
A) Its been an absolute blast. I wouldn't say a walk in the was beans on toast for a very long time but the past decade has been pretty fruitful. Also doing something you love (playing records and getting high) is never a pain in the arse.

Q) What is your favourite spooky Horror movie?
A) My god there are so many but i do love the classics none of this blair witch project bullshit. Only the originals like Friday 13th, Halloween , Evil Dead.... none of the sequels..they always a waste of time.
Seriousley has there ever been a good horror sequeal. never

Q) Freddy or Jason?
A) It has to be Freddy. I met him once in a bar in Laguna beach... he was an absolute gentleman.

Q) How did you come up with the moniker, Shane Watcha? Did you ever toy with the idea of prefixing it with DJ, like a proper DJ (DJ Shane Watcha) or suffixing it with something more spooky, like Brain Muncha (DJ Brain Muncha) or Blood Licka (DJ Blood Licka)?
A) I didn't its my real name. In the school playground they nickname me DJ Watcha. but when i turned pro i thought i keep it real and just use my real name.

Q) What is your all time favourite non-spooky mix CD?
A) Has to be Jive Bunny & the Mastermixers.

Q) What was Dolly getting revenge for?
A) I'm a huge Dolly Parton fan... I mean what is there not to love. Am sure Kenny can back me up here. So I decided to sample her, was just a bit of fun. Can you believe Sony sent me an email stating copyright infringement. 

Q) Have you ever gone to a spooky Halloween party? If so, was it good? If so, why?
A) Most of the parties i go to these days are spooky man. Christ have you seen the state of ravers these days. All big tits, fake tan and side partings.
I once DJed at this halloween party in Hollywood hosted by the devil himself... Dennis Rodman
It was pretty scary being holed up in a cubicle with a 7foot giant paying me in drugs while LAPD raided his club. We snuck out back into his flame decorated limo, where we speed out into the night with him demanding me to share what he just paid me in, nice one!

Q) What advice do you have for any young readers of WRDM who may be looking to break into the music business?
A) I'll just quote my good friend Hunter S Thomson:
"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side."

Q) Growing up were there any local influences? Club nights, promoters, DJs that made you consider what you do now an option? Or did you look further afield for inspiration?
A) Late eighties / early nineties there was only one club in whole of South Africa that played electronic dance music... not that EDM shit but balearic, acid house stuff.
Thank the good Lord that club was on my doorstep. inspiration def came from abroad though.
Cox was a frequent vistor & I learnt everything from him. The rest is history.

Q) I know Christopher Lee's daughter. She works at the HQ of the local government organisation in Southwark where I also work to financially support my world famous blog, the Weekly Review of Dance Music. Do you know anybody, once removed or directly, who is more famous and as spooky as Christopher Lee?
A) Dennis is pretty spooky.

Q) Carol Lee Scott?
A) Who the fuck is she. one second let me Google. Ah ok. she aint scary and nor is pantomine. Get a life big T.

Q) I remember going to Very Very Wrong Indeed at The Key YEARS AGO and staring at the disco lights on the dance floor whilst a strange blanket of K wrapped itself around my mind. I began to ask myself some serious questions. One of which was, "I wonder what Tim Sheridan is really like?" What is Mr C really like?
A) Both fucking scary.

Q) Who would you rather see peering through your bedroom window at 3.47am, the Undertaker off of WWF or the ghosts of Fred and Rose West?
A) Neither to be honest. Anyway my pup, Maurice the Cockerspaniel, has a funny sixth sense so they wouldn’t get far peering through my window. He’d raise the alarm if they even just thought about it.

Q) Stone cold sober or absolutely fucking terminated?
A) Very good fucking question Mr T. One i have been trying to find the answer for a very long time. I mean they both have there pro's and it really difficult.
Stone cold sober is such a fucking bore & getting high is so much fun... but at cost, by which i dont mean financial but rather braincells.

Q) You have been a long time supporter of WRDM and I'd like to thank you. Could you insist on making mention of my blog to all of your DJ chums and further ensure that they spread my truth around the industry like a lady's legs before a delicious round of cunnilingus is performed?
A) Fuck you, Tonka.... that's your job.

What a lovely young man. By association, he's had sex with Madonna, and anyone who's been up inside her is ok in my book. Eh, fellas? Winking smiley face.

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