WRDM @ Bloc 2012

What a weekend! It's Monday morning. I'm at work. I'm writing the words that you're reading just hours after I've written them and I've got the biggest fucking grin on my face because THIS weekend was THE best weekend of MY life. Ever.

If you've been on another planet all weekend, or refuse to read the electronic music media because they're all the fucking same and each review and story is a carbon copy of a piece a boring journalist wrote for another website, then you'll be sorely unaware that the UK's best electronic music festival finished yesterday morning with a BANG. Yes, I'm talking about Bloc 2012. What a weekend!

Let's start from the start:

Friday night at Bloc 2012

It's not often you get a music festival with Richie Hawtin, Amon Tobin, Sandwell District, Carl Craig and Ricardo Villalobos on the same bill so I was psyched up when I arrived at the entrance. As I approached the bouncer he looked me up and down, so I looked him up and down back. He was glaring at me, bloodshot eyes popping out the front of his sweat stained face. I suddenly got 'the fear' followed quickly by 'the rage.' I threw my bottle of Jack Daniels to the floor and reached around inside my back pocket for Freddy Flick Knife. "If this zombie wants trouble, he's fucking got it. Nobody is stopping me from getting into Bloc 2012", I spat at a passing police woman.

Before I knew it I was in the main area dancing to Snoop Doggy Dogg aka Snoop Dogg from Tha Dogg Pound. From track 1 to track 12 of his one hour set he had me enthralled. You name it, he sung it. Doggy Dogg World? Check. Ain't No Fun (If The Homies Can't Have None)? Check. Gz Up, Hoes Down? Check. House Party (Interlude)? Check. Doggyland? You betcha! This was gangster rap at its very best and I loved it.

After Dogg wrapped up I trotted over to the Mulletover tent to see Steffi, Art Department and Jamie Jones. They were all exceptional and laid down beat after beat to the delight of all the punters on the dance floor. I left Jamie Jones to it at 3.55am so I could go and see Ricky V at 4am in the Resident Advisor Hub. This is the set everyone at Bloc 2012 had been waiting for. As always he kicked things off at about 110bpm and ended on around 145bpm. It was minimal techno at its very best and I loved it. Villalobos played this one track that sent everyone off into meltdown but I can't remember the name of it because a) I was on Ketamin and b) the MC was chatting too quickly for me to write down what he was saying. It was fucking good though, whatever it was. I think he was saying something about "losing your Rizla." If anyone who went to Bloc 2012 can remember this track, please get in touch.

So, for me, the highlight of Friday night has to be Richie Hawtin playing Yeke Yeke (Afro Acid Remix).

Friday night at Bloc 2012 - 9/10

Saturday night at Bloc 2012

Whoever said Sunday is the day of rest needs locking up in the loony bin. SATURDAY is the day of rest when Bloc 2012 comes to town. I spent all day Saturday shivering on Robbo's bedroom floor, drinking tea, eating bananas and listening to Chill FM. By Saturday night I was fully recovered, boozing, sniffing and listening to Global Underground Tokyo: Tony De Vit. In other words, I was ready.

Saturday night was all about two men; Gary Numan and Orbital. For one reason or another Gary Numan absolutely stole the show. He played hit after hit after hit. It was early electropop at its very best and I loved it. He played Here In My Car and Are 'Friends' Electric. What a set! Orbital then TOPPED Gary Numan by playing their greatest hits one after another. If you haven't heard Belfast on massive speakers at a festival you haven't fucking lived.

After Orbital it was all about the DJs. I saw Helen Alien, Martin, Lucy, Leon Vincent, Ceefax Acid Crew and Surgeon demolishing dance floors with their distinctive brand of multi-genre house depending on who you went to see at any given time of the night. I mean, have you ever heard of Lucy playing Acid and Ceefax Acid Crew playing German Cute House? As if. These DJs all have their own way of playing and you HAVE to respect that by not crossing boundaries and asking too many questions of them as artists and men. Know what I mean?

The final DJs of the festival (Helen Alien, Surgeon and Leon Vincent) were all so strong and desirable to me that I devised a clever plan to see them all. Not with me? Follow these words to the next sentence to find out exactly what I did. I decided to spend 5 minutes at a time in each tent so that I got to dance to all three DJs at the same time. I started off with Helen Alien, after 5 minutes I ran to see Surgeon, 5 minutes after that I legged it to Leon Vincent, then sprinted back to Helen Alien, thus completing the first lap of my three DJ dance circuit. I carried on this circuit for the next three hours and it worked perfectly. Helen Alien's brand of deep techno blended perfectly with Surgeon's banging techno, and that went perfectly with Leon Vincent's deep house. Vincent's deep house bled perfectly into Helen Alien's deep techno. It was a perfect plan and allowed me to dance to three separate DJs perfectly simultaneously. Who could ask for more?

Saturday night at Bloc 2012 - 10/10

So, was Bloc 2012 a success? Bloc 2012 was better than being sucked off by Lynne Perrie, Angelina Jolie AND Leslie Ash.

I look forward to Bloc 2013. All those gorillas who said Bloc had sold out by relocating to London from a fucking BUTLINS camp must feel like a bunch of fucking baboons right now. Bloc 2012 was a roaring success, it was UK electronic festivalism at its very best and I loved it. The only thing missing was a 5 hour Brandon BLOCK set!!! LOL out loud.

See you next year, Blocsters!!!



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