WRDMedium Questions to Mark Moses

Elvis made a comeback. Happy Mondays have made comebacks. Stone Roses are making a comeback. The Ultimate Warrior made a few comebacks. England made a comeback the other night. EVERYONE makes comebacks...and I'm no exception. After last month's album review special bombed out like a German Spitfire in World War One I decided that I'd had enough of writing about dance music and wanted to concentrate all of my efforts on being a top class IT administrator in the public sector. That was until this weekend. Let me tell you what happened to me that made this WRDM comeback a reality, right NOW...after you've watched an interview with The Ultimate Warrior.

Right. Two things happened this weekend:

1) On Saturday I met Dolan Bergin IN PERSON at NYC Downlow @ Lovebox. I shook his hand, introduced myself and assured him I'd be at the Move D afterparty whilst knowing full well that I was just going to go home. I was starstruck, didn't want to sound like a pussy and I have not washed my wanking/shaking/right hand since.

2) I saw the holy trinity of Prosumer and Dixon play IN PERSON at NYC Downlow @ Lovebox on Saturday night. The beats came thick, the beats came fast, mid-tempo and sometimes slow but they were nothing but constant, except for the break-downs and build-ups.

3) On Sunday I received answers to questions I had asked months ago from a man I have not seen IN PERSON for years. His name is Mark Moses and he is the reason I am who I am. He is the reason I dance. He is the reason I love (dance music). He is the reason of reason and all those who question my logic are questioning the logic of a man who is un-questionable. This man is Mark Moses. Thinker. Dancer. Lover and drugger. My friend, my mate and a man I can honestly call...my friend. Mark Moses. THIS is the interview you've all been waiting for, THIS is the interview that made me reconsider my re-introduction back into the choppy blogging waters. It was definitely NOT the interview I have coming up with Acid Pauli in a few weeks where we'll be chatting IN PERSON about his amazing debut album, mst. No, carry on reading today's super soaraway Weekly Review of Dance Music to find out more about my man, 'Mo Man.'


This interview was conducted in Facebook Messenger.

Name: Mark Moses
Age: 30
Location: Hackney, London
Stuff You Do: Works in digital in the week, one of the world’s greatest dancers at the weekend, and news blogger in the spare time.

Q) Mark, tell us how you first got into dance music and night clubbing?
A) I was originally a heavy rock / metal head with a passion for playing the drums. I was always open to new forms of music though and discovered dance music in the guise of the ‘Prodigy’ introduced to me by a mate’s older brother. I was transfixed. It encompassed the guitar/drum sound I loved along with new sounds.
After that I was hooked and set on a path of finding more of this sound, ranging from listening to Pete Tong (when he was good-ish), taping all the essential mixes, the first Global Underground compilations through to Trance. And now I’m firmly set in the House/Tech/Disco space. And it was down to Trance and Prog House I first went to GateCrasher in Sheffield aged just 16.

Q) If you had to name one dance compilation, and you do, that you can still see yourself listening to when you're in your 80s which is it and why?
A) Tough question mate; damn you Tonk!

I can’t really pin-point one down as it changes all the time, however, in order to stay on your good side, I am going to select one. And that one is ‘Hipp-E and Halo’ on the Fabric series. It was one of my first Fabric CDs and it covers all that is awesome about House music. It is raw, yet groovy with disco-led delights and 4/4 rocking beats. I can totally imagine myself banging it out when I’m 80…showing the kids how it’s done and all that.

Q) Are you able to tell WRDM in GREAT DETAIL about the best night out clubbing you've ever had?
A) Another toughie! I have experienced some super nights/days out ranging from Berghain, Watergate, Secret Sundaze, Bugged Out, Fabric nights, Electric Minds, small-infrequent parties but in order to detail the best I am going back to my roots and choosing a GateCrasher night.

It was quite some time ago, probably around 1999 with Paul Van Dyke, Scott Bond, Matt Hardwick and another DJ whose name has passed for the time being. Anyway, it was at a period when Gatecrasher led the way for forward-thinking Trance/Prog and the Crasher Kids were in full effect. The venue’ The Republic was a mammoth of a place with amazing lights and lasers which added to the whole experience. There was always a large group of us, dancing to our hearts content, getting high and a feeling that if Armageddon was about to happen we wouldn't given a fuck because we were in the best place in the world.
I forget who was DJing at the precise moment, maybe Scott Bond, but all of a sudden the music stopped abruptly. Then over the PA system a heavy deep voice spoke ‘This is the Police. Stop what you are doing’ A wave of panic took over us and then, everyone in the club started to empty their pockets, drugs being thrown on the floor, scatted everywhere…I looked at my mates and we just didn’t know what to do…just as we were coming to terms with it, a another voice was heard ‘That was just a test’. We suddenly realised it was just a sample and as I looked around everyone had lighters out, all bobbed down searching for their drugs, a sea of clubbers all in unison and then a massive bassline kicked in and the music started again…everyone cheered and everyone just throw their newly found drugs to each other. We were like hyper Willy Wonkas’ discarding sweets to fellow clubbers, all set in our own music factory.
That night has always stuck with me and the day too as we headed back home, nearly been attacked by Swans along the way and a Farmer having to save us, but that’s another story…

Q) If you were to become a professional DJ/producer, what would your moniker be?
A) Moses or Mo Man

Q) Poppers on the dance floor. Yes or no? Why?
A) Hell yes. It enhances the whole experience and there is nothing better then a headache educing buzz!

Q) What are your plans for the rest of the year, clubbing wise?
A) Plans for the clubbing future includes Secret Sundaze’s opening party, which is always one of my faves, and the parties in between. Electrics Minds summer and Winter parties with Ame plus others , The Idiots are Winning, the ‘Road to Nowhere’ festival, Lift Party and I’m putting on a night with a mate so watch this space…maybe that Moniker will be used very soon.


What a super interview with an entirely reasonable young man. Always good to see poppers getting props. Highly underrated if you ask me - and before you ask I'm NOT gay (winking smiley face). Not that there's anything wrong with that. Keep your eyes peeled for Mark's night, as soon as I hear more details I'll be plugging the fuck out of it.

Join me next week where I'll be interviewing with Acid Pauli. I need to extend an overdue and enormous, hard-on inducing thanks to Gaby at Maouris for always putting me in touch with people I like and sorting me out with album promos. X

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Me and Moses, yesterday