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It's that time of the week again where I review the best up and coming dance music CDs. Read the reviews below this introduction to see which up and coming (dance music) releases are the best. In order to find out which upcoming dance music CDs are the best I suggest you carry on reading this introduction until the end of this sentence and then follow it by having a read of the reviews I've written underneath.

Deniz Kurtel & The Marcy All-Stars
The Way We Love

Deniz Kurtel was born and raised in Brooklyn, America. She got into dance music by chance when she met, by chance, Wolf and Lamb out of Wolf + Lamb at the Marcy Hotel in New York, USA. All three were staying there by chance in the summer of 2009 and it was by chance that the three of them bumped into each other at reception whilst complaining about the hot water being too cold on the second floor which, by chance, all three were situated. The receptionist apologised and got them all moved to the third floor. Wolf and Lamb were shunted into room 356 and, by chance, Deniz was put in room 355. In the lift up to the third floor Lamb asked Deniz what she does for a living. Deniz said "I work in IT administration but I really want to learn more about dance music, start DJing and then write woozy, vocal electronica that makes people want to jack their jobs in, move to New York and be part of a scene that still, years after it shouldn't be relevant anymore, be vital and ambitious in both its sound and artistic ethos."

Wolf looked at Lamb, smiled a knowing smile, nodded and said, "lets start doing parties in the basement of this hotel, book this bitch to do lights, we'll teach her how to beat match and in a few years we'll knock out an album with her that sounds like the soundtrack to Vice City. In a very good way."

The lift doors opened, they all stepped out together, went to room 356 for a cup of tea and some custard creams and planned their future.

The Way We Love by Deniz Kurtel & The Marcy All-Stars - 8/10

This is out on 16 July 2012
Pre-order it here: Deniz

NôzeBody Language Volume 11

When I first heard this compilation all the way through, it made me feel like I'd necked about 9 pills. I was on my way back home after seeing a mentally ill friend of mine who lives on the Portabello Road. I walked all the way back to Northolt listening to it because I was in such a trance it didn't clock that I had my Oyster card on me and I should have walked the length of Portabello Road, turned right down Pembridge Way onto Notting Hill Gate and got the Central line back to zone 5. Instead, Body Language Volume 11 by Nôze made me turn back on myself up the Portabello Road and turn onto Hayden's Place. I then headed northeast on Hayden's Place towards Tavistock Mews, after which I turned left onto Telford Road, walked 285 feet and turned right onto Ladbroke Grove. I proceeded through two roundabouts and turned left onto the Harrow Road and continued to follow the A404 until I reached Manor Park Road. After about half a mile I took a slight left onto Craven Park, then a slight right onto Brentfield/A404. I came back onto the Harrow Road for about 1.6 miles before finding myself on District Road. I continued onto Allendale Road before turning right onto the Whitton Avenue. I went through one roundabout and turned left onto the Greenford Road, following it down to Oldfield Circus and right onto Wadham Gardens. I carried on for a further half a mile before realising I was on Carr Road and Crazy (Nôze Rmx) by Ornette was finishing.

Body Language Volume 11 by Nôze - 10/10

This is out on 21 May 2012
Pre-order here: Nôze

DJ W!ld

Dirty by DJ W!ld made me feel like I was back at Foreign Muck down The Key in 2005. It's THAT good. This music is minimal as minimal should be; hardly anything going on. You find me a melody in this album and I'll not only kiss you on the lips, I'll make sure you cum by pleasuring you to completion. I say that because its not going to happen. Dirty by DJ W!ld only uses about three fucking instruments the whole way through. I've listened to it all about five times now and all I've been able to catch is a kick drum, closed hi-hat, clap, sub-bass and the occasional Gandhi vocal. It's brilliant.

This album is perfect for all your family BBQs this summer.

Dirty by DJ W!ld - 7/10

This is out now
Buy it here: W!ld

That's the album reviews done for now. If you can only afford one of them, go Nôze.

I'll be back probably in the next few days with some single reviews. I'll be judging Behling and Simpson's upcoming EP and telling you to go and buy whatever is out on Hypercolour, probably Build Up by Kimbra. I don't know yet.

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Before I fuck off, let me give special mention to a couple of brave young men who emailed me asking me to plug their music for free. I'm the nicest fucker any of you readers will ever fucking meet so, of course, I said yes. Listen to these two tracks and buy them/leave nice comments if you're that way inclined.

Art Of The Matter by Next Door But One

Timeshift by DJ-M