You know how excited you're going to be when Floyd Mayweather Jr finally grows some balls and lets Manny Pacquiao knock 12 bells of shit out of him?

Do you remember how excited you were when Dennis Taylor beat Steve Davis to the 1985 Snooker World Championship by knocking the black ball into the bag in the dying seconds of the match?

How excited were you when you first discovered the world famous Weekly Review of Dance Music?

The answer to all three of those questions was "fucking excited." So, how excited must you be NOW when I tell you NOW that this week's post knocks everything else you've ever experienced into a fucking top hat?

"Really fucking excited."

Last week I met and interviewed the Dancing Misanthrope in his south London rehearsal studios. This red hot mama dances nonstop in all of your London clubs and will be a familiar face, arms and legs to anyone reading this involved in the London scene. If you're one of the many people who read this blog who 1) don't live in London and HATE everything to do with the place or 2) HATE long winded responses to interview questions I advise you close your webpage down now. Everyone else can read on...

The Dancing Misanthrope and I shared a pint of Red Bull with two rounds of lemon curd on toast and got down to business.

Q) For any readers of the world famous Weekly Review of Dance Music unfamiliar with the Dancing Misanthrope, could you please tell us who you are to the dance community and what you do within it (the dance community)?
A) Thanks for wanting to interview me in the first place, it's actually kinda flattering! I don't think answering truthfully will be too hard, one of the traits of a misanthrope is having too much sincerity - and contempt for the the world's lack of it.

I'm actually answering your questions on my way back from a nite out @ XO Bar and think unwittingly made some new 'fans' there too! Basically, The Dancing Misanthrope came into being just over 2 years ago when I wanted to go out clubbing at a time when none of my friends were the clubbing sort and not being the most sociable I decided to just go to clubs myself just to dance - I've done it and still do gigs solo so figured what difference does it make? Only it turned out a lot of people don't really 'dance' at clubs so they probably looked at me pretty funny the first few times, until I just kept it up from start to finish and eventually weekend after weekend. I also ended up fully embracing dance music, crossing over from the indie scene and generally not looking back at too much and ironically from not planning to make any new friends I've somehow accumulated a cult legendary status amongst the London underground dance community (and a little beyond that too) as the guy who truly dances like no one's watching!

Q) After me, my mate Robbo and a bloke I used to knock around with called Cameron, YOU are the best dancer in the (London) dance world I have ever seen. I read in an interview that your dance-pirations are Michael Jackson, Lady Ga Ga and Justin Timberlake. Have you ever pulled off any of MJ's signature moves in club Fabric?
A) Does that mean you've seen me on the dancefloor already? I don't really try to make comparisons with other people's dancing (I'm a little too absorbed in my own zone anyway) but I'll take your word for it! Fabric was actually a club I didn't visit until finally last November when I first discovered the brilliant young DJs Stopmakingme and Brodinski, after that I couldn't believe I didn't go sooner (though it does cost a fair bit, but I've got my connection to get into the next one) I think I attempted moonwalking in my life and can't really do it, I'm not even aware how good my dancing actually is, I think I'm noticed more for my pure audacity, energy and stamina. That said, when I dance it's as if I'm in a music video (funnily enough, I was dancing for someone earlier today for a music video they're working on!) I really want to be dancing, moving, grooving, spinning - well, whatever the music dictates really, none of this tedious fist-pumping/heart-shaping shit. I mean, there's a place for it obviously, just not on the dancefloor the whole nite! That is the downside of a big nite out that gets so crowded you can't move at all so that's kind of why the more niche raving clubs can be better for me, but actually that's one great reason for getting there early for the warm-up DJ since I practically have the floor to myself - it's a great sense of freedom plus I usually find that some of the more interesting music gets played at that time.

Q) Famously, you have never taken drugs, even though you look like you've been necking pills all week. Have you ever considered taking ecstasy E tablets to improve your performance and sense of unity with the world whilst in da club?
A) Nope, I have never dropped a pill or anything similar, don't really want to and don't need to! But it is funny that so frequently people approach me at a club to ask what I've taken and if I got any to sell - I'm tempted just to make shit up next time and sell some placebo tablets, if I was that cynical. Most people probably just need it (and booze or whatever) in order to lose their inhibitions or whatnot. One time, a couple of girls came up to me and when I told them I didn't take anything they were like, "you're lying, you're having such a good time!" Consider that for a moment and if it was true it'd be rather fucking sad. But in a way, the music is a pretty fucking powerful drug as it is, I don't need more than that. I'm not trying to get all moral about it, you do what you choose to and deal with it, I want to be in a paradoxical position where I can completely lose my shit but keep control, and in my own experience, booze or drugs just wouldn't enhance anything.

Q) Have you ever been in a nightclub and STOPPED dancing? If so, where was it and why?
A) Actually, I did have to stop dancing at one point just last Saturday. It was at Fake Blood's DJ gig @ XOYO, and not long before he was coming on. I'd been dancing for a few hours already when some bitch (I don't like calling her that but christ alive she was one!) who must've been on some shit (unless people do just behave like cunts without reason?... Don't answer that actually) pushed her way to the front next to me. I just kept on dancing but then she gets some bug up her ass throwing an attitude at me as if I'm in her way and actually tries pushing me off my dancing spot with her fat ass! There is nothing worse than a space invader on a dancefloor and worse still ones that make it out like you're in the wrong. So when I just stand my ground, and I don't even mean pushing back, I'm just trying to keep my space, I suddenly get fucking grief from her two male goon-friends who've got the fucking nerve to tell me to 'chill'?! You try to reason but it's not going to happen, I just try ignoring them and carry on my thing and then that bitch suddenly decides to back off but stays directly behind and kept kicking me like some petty stupid schoolyard bully! First just at my feet then she just kept kicking higher up! Obviously I can't 'prove' it (it's the old lame-ass trick where you turn around, they'll obviously deny it, if you're provoked and do something then it's your fault, blah blah blah) but I just really didn't know what her fucking problem was. Anyway it was getting so abusive I had to stop dancing and call for security but of course they couldn't do anything either but in the end some guys on my left agreed to swap places with me so I was able to enjoy Fake Blood by the time he came on. Still, other than space invading, the worst crime you can commit on the dancefloor against The Dancing Misanthrope is to kill his momentum, so those douches are on my shitlist for good. I'm not a particularly forgiving person either.

Q) Do you dance at home? If so, what do you usually dance to? Dance compilations? Radio? EXPLAIN.
A) I actually live in a pretty quiet area South of the river and like it that way. I think it's good for me to keep things separate in some ways, also having a bit of distance. Unfortunately, my poor housemate is directly below my room so even if I wanted to I couldn't really jump around like a free spirit. But I do spend an awful lot of my free time listening to as music that comes my way, especially when you end up befriending people who also have stuff to share whether it's other music or their own mixes (which I similarly pilfer and share on my page) - there's just so much and never enough time! I've started listening to mixes a lot more but virtually never the radio, unless I happen to be in on Friday listening to Annie Mac before I head out. I've not been affected by the ADD effect of the iShuffle generation though and still love listening to an album in full. Obviously, electronic is my prime passion but I do listen to a pretty eclectic selection of stuff too, not always necessarily for dancing to.

Q) Do you have any plans to develop what you currently do and expand the brand?
A) Well, by brand I did design some badges (though the designs I stole from artists I like), I made about 100-so of them to give away to fellow clubbers within the past 2 years, mostly inspired by the club that started it all for me - Buttoned Down Disco! I might make some more in time for festival season. Since late last year I set up a Facebook page where I can essentially micro-blog about my dancing exploits through all the great music that I can share and also post events happening in town (and occasionally beyond) so I also have a Clubbing Calendar that's constantly updating. I'm also further expanding my exploration of dancefloors from discovering new venues and nites in London as well further afield, especially when it comes to festivals (Mancunians, take note!)

Beyond that, I don't know, I haven't made any serious plans. Quite a few people tell me I should DJ and that does look quite likely and a logical progression, though I say that cautiously. I don't know when my dancing is going to 'peak' and feel I could hit burnout at any point so if I didn't dance as much I'd turn to DJing like a footballer retires and becomes the manager - which as an analogy really does a disservice to all the bright young talented DJs who've been doing this from their bedrooms since their early teens! But no, I think I'd like to try DJing, I'm already playing about with making mixes on my MacBook using the most basic and free app available and uploaded some mixes on Mixcloud. Obviously I'm not going to come to it pretending I can be great at it, and I'd rather leave it to those who've got all that know-how and just carry on dancing. Of course, mixing is something I'll never imagine I can master, for me it'd be about the selection. But either way if it came down to prioritising whether I was to DJ or go dance to a proper decent line-up of DJs the same nite, I'd rather just go out to dance! I suppose the idea of curating a club nite wouldn't go amiss. As I say, I have no solid schemes, but you never know what might happen...

Q) Theresa May?
A) Cunt. Don't think elaborating is required. Moving on...

Q) Who is your favourite DJ and what is your favourite club/night?
A) I can't name just one DJ, it's too hard! I would say French DJs/producers are pretty much the Holy Grail to me though, especially the Ed Banger crew - if any of them are in town I'm guaranteed to be there! (Of course like everyone else still waiting for the return of Daft Punk - that Tron soundtrack, decent though it was, just doesn't count!) But to big up the Brits, my favourites sort of belong revolve in the same circles - Erol Alkan (I'm actually going to his marathon 9-hour set tonite!), Daniel Avery (formerly Stopmakingme) who I only just came across less than 6 months ago and truly one of the most exciting young DJs/producers out there not like anyone else, and Rory Philips is one of the best to close any nite. I guess what they have in common is having a rich knowledge and old-school love for all kinds of music that have been part of the fabric (no pun intended) of dance music over time, they also come from an indie background, which I guess is still my reference point having crossed over myself. I only wish I got into the club scene back in the days of Trash!Probably not too surprising then my favourite club nites include Bugged Out and Durrr, and there's plenty others, I'm definitely more of a person who goes to a nite based on the promoter rather than the venue. I mean, it could have great decor and fancy drinks and beautiful people, but if the music sucks, who cares? That said, I find that in East London my most frequented clubs are XOYO and The Nest - they just put on loads of great things!

Q) Are you going to Lovebox this year? If so, would you take up my offer of a Lovebox dance-off whilst Prosumer is on?
A) I'm going to a whole load of festivals this year, though they're mostly one-dayers or city-based, and I'm saving the best one for last - Bestival! Lovebox is on the cards too but I'm just not trying to bankrupt myself all in one go so don't have my tickets just yet (but hey, Lovebox organisers, if you're reading this and want to show some love with a free pass, I won't say no!)However, I'm afraid I don't do dance-offs. I'm not the competitive type and it might sound odd, but I'm not dancing like I do to get attention and show my 'skills', it's just instinctive really and I like being left to do just that.

Q) How do you relax your bones the day after dancing non-stop to non-stop dance music?
A) Probably sleep the whole day away, unless it's a midweek clubbing thing in which case I suffer dearly. But otherwise like I say I do like listening to other music that's a bit more chilled, some folk (for lack of a better word) I still really enjoy, like Laura Marling and Feist. I've recently discovered this Californian experimental musician called Julia Holter and she's really something!

Other than that, film still remains a passion of mine, and I'm also trying to squeeze in time to catch up on some TV series too. I'm somewhat regretful that I've not been able to read a book properly for some time now. The last thing I took out of the library I failed to finish after renewing it loads of times - and it wasn't even like a difficult or long read either!
I also regret being so lazy as to have not cooked a proper meal in months, which I used to find pretty important to do! But if I don't have plans to dance later that evening I'd definitely not say no to having a huge roast or enjoying a leisurely pint (or two) of cider.

Q) Podiums or cages?
A) Podiums, which is sort of at odds with what I was saying about attention-seeking etc before but it's definitely better than cages.

Phew! I think I might've rambled on a lot longer than either of us was expecting! But it's been fun sharing my misanthropy and hope we'll share the dancefloor some point, Lovebox or otherwise!

What a lovely young man.

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