WRDMedium Questions to Stephen


This week on this week's Weekly Review of Dance Music I am experimenting the fuck out of a proven format. MASSIVE QUESTIONS, the section in WRDM where I pursue lines of inquiry with dance music superstars, has proved to be so successful, popular, desirable, incredible, sensational, successful and popular that I have even had regular punters asking me to interview them about club life, after I put out a note on Twitter asking if regular punters would be interested in answering questions about club life for this blog; the Weekly Review of Dance Music.

I haven't had time to reply to all three of them so I put the emails in a blue velvet bag, donned a white satin glove, shuffled the emails around and then plucked one of them out whilst listening to A Guy Called Gerald's RA303 podcast and browsing this blog. "Wicked tracks, wack mixing", I muttered to myself.

This week's Medium Questions are answered by a young man called Stephen F*y**. Here's a picture of him dancing with Luciano in what looks like a fucking office.

NAME: Stephen
AGE: 25 (twenty five)
STUFF YOU DO: eureka-house.blogspot.co.uk

Q) Stephen, what do you expect from a typical night out clubbing?
A) Exciting music and like-minded people.

Q) Do you take Ecstasy E tablets? If so, where and when did you first try it and what was your night like?
A) Only very occasionally now. First time was at a university black-tie party headlined by Erol Alkan and Justice of all people. Yes, I realise that's not a very underground setting, but it was a pretty amazing night to be fair.

Q) Are you someone who won't shut the fuck up in the club or do you prefer to fuck off to a corner and lose yourself?
A) Depends on my state - I've been known to do both.

Q) Tell me about the best night out clubbing you've ever had.
A) Villalobos in Watergate, Josh Wink in Paramount and Tama Sumo/Steffi in Fabric all immediately spring to mind as fairly recent examples anyway.

Q) What are your plans for the rest of the year (clubbing wise)?
A) An extended stay in Ibiza - and no doubt a few trips to 'Club Fabric' before then.

Q) Would you support a campaign for more topless lady DJs in UK clubs?
A) Stephen did not comment on this question. I can only assume by his silence that he agrees that this is a sound concept and will be a shot in the arm to the UK economy for reasons he's not quite figured out yet.

There we go, WRDM pushing boundaries YET again. Apart from the annual Mixmag national drug survey, this year aided and abetted by The Guardian newspaper, WRDM is the ONLY media source brave enough to confront drug use in British society in a realistic and mature way. Hopefully, when David Cameron reads this week's WRDM, he'll be straight on the phone to whichever minister looks after drugs, sacks the fucker, emails me on tonkawrdm@gmail.com and offers me the vacant post. Who's with me?

Alternatively, Prime Minister David Cameron can offer me the job on Twitter by ringing THIS number: @tonkawrdm

ALSO, thanks a thousand for Stephen *l*nn for answering this week's Medium Questions. More to come in the coming weeks. If any other regular punters want to get involved contact Tonka (me).

Coming soon is WRDM12 (Festival special), a Miami Music Conference round-up and an interview with Claude VonStroke.