WRDMini - Tripoli Trax

I don't listen to much hard house nowadays because of all the cymbals that tend to get used in them, but back when I first started getting into dance music I would ONLY listen to Tripoli Trax music. Or Hooj Choons, RoulĂ©, Tidy Trax, tons of white labels and the occasional Nucleuz banger. Although, I hated BK for reasons I could never fully understand. I'm sure he's a lovely man and he wrote some good stuff but I fucking HATED him for no reason when I was a teenager.

Sorry BK.

Tripoli Trax was the classiest hard house label around. EVERY track had both a tribal and a vogue-ish feel to them. For those reasons alone I supported Tripoli.

The best hard house DJ, after Tony dV, was another bloke who couldn't be cunted to pronounce his full surname; Ian M.

Ian M (or Ian Mulligan to his parents) has kindly made a Tripoli mega mix for the website soundcloud.com. See and LISTEN, then download it, here, now by following the big green link below. NOW.

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