This week Damon Martin out of Disco Bloodbath was kind enough to invite me over to his west Hackney mansion for a cup of tea and a sit down. He was ALSO kind enough to answer some pertinent dance music questions that have been on the tip of my lips since I first heard of Disco Bloodbath, in 2005.

I wrote the questions and the answers down as we talked IN PERSON. Here they are:

Q) For anyone unfamiliar with Disco Bloodbath, could you explain its ethos?

A) I don't know if we have an ethos. The night started as a way for us to play records that we liked to our mates and continued naturally from there really.

Q) Was establishing Disco Bloodbath an uphill struggle or an overnight success? Discuss...
A) Overnight success might be going a bit far but I think we knew from pretty early on that we were onto something. The venue we started in had something like a 120 person capacity so it didn't take too much to fill it and it grew gradually over the first few months. We started in April 2007 and by November that year the place was rammed and we had queues down the street. 

Q) Explaining in full detail in one brief paragraph, how did you get into dance music and DJing?
A) I grew up in New Zealand and while dance music and clubs did exist there then, they were nowhere near the cultural force that they were in the UK. I was always into music, though, and my first DJing experience (loosely speaking) came from monopolising the stereo at house parties as a teenager. Clubs came a few years later and were initially a place to go and get off my head. After a while I started to pay more attention to the music being played and wanted to learn more about it which led to buying club 12"s and some decks and eventually to being asked to play at friends' parties.

Q) What are your plans for Disco Bloodbath in 2012? More than just a party?
A) We've been talking about doing a Disco Bloodbath label for a while now and I'm happy to say that it's looking like 2012 will be the year for that.

Q) Why do you like my blog? Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Where do you see me and my blog in 5 years time?
A) I like everything about your blog. One suggestion would be to consider hacking DJs' voicemails to get the really juicy stories. In 5 years time I think you could be the News International of dance music.

Q) How did you come up with the moniker 'Damon Martin' as a DJ name? Did you ever toy with the idea of prefixing it with 'DJ' like a proper DJ? Or suffixing it with something more exciting like 'Beat Masta' (DJ Beat Masta) or 'Drug Luvva' (DJ Drug Luvva)?
A) It took me ages trying to come up with a DJ name. Then one day I realised that I already had a name and decided to use that instead. I did consider both the 'DJ' prefix and 'Beat Masta' suffix but decided against them.

Q) Do you and Ben Piston ever DJ solo or are you ALWAYS a double-act, so to speak?
A) We DJ solo as well. 

Q) Are the rumours true about Ben Piston?
A) Yes.

Q) Do you have any sound advice for any wannabe DJs or promoters reading this?
A) There is a lot of technology around now that makes it relatively easy to start DJing out fairly quickly but it's as important as it's always been, if not more so, to spend time learning about the music and its history in order to develop a style and sound that represents you. A robot or a highly trained chimp can play this months 20 biggest tunes.

Q) Clap or snare?
A) Clap.

Q) Can you explain the beef between Disco Bloodbath and Horse Meat Disco? Is it a simple north/south of the river divide or does the cut slash deeper?
A) Horse Meat was always a big influence on us and we've teamed up with them for parties from time to time so there's not really any beef. However, sometimes I like to imagine that Ben is Tupac, Jim Stanton is Biggie and Dan Beaumont is Suge Knight.

Q) Gloria Hunniford?
A) Wouldn't.

Q) When you remixed that Franz Ferdinand track did you get to meet the actual band? If so, who was the nicest member and did they provide you with an autograph?
A) We didn't get to meet them but I've heard they're all very nice boys.

Q) Would you ever be tempted to sit in an actual bloodbath for charity? Such as Children in Need, for example?
A) I think that would be fine as long as the blood wasn't too cold. I hate getting into cold water and I imagine cold blood would be just as bad if not worse.

Q) What was your favourite subject at school and why? (Don't you dare say music!!! LMAO & PMSL)
A) I quite liked doing the experiments in chemistry.

Q) What is Nadia Ksaiba like in real life?
A) Nightmare. 

Q) I've heard that at Disco Bloodbath there is no dress code. What was the thinking behind this?
A) We all have terrible dress sense and didn't feel it was fair to expect others to dress well. 

Q) Do you prefer oral, anal or vaginal penetration?
A) I'm celibate.

Q) Would you be able to grant me lifetime VIP guest list entry to Disco Bloodbath or do I need to go through your management company?
A) Of course. 

Q) What is your preferred state, stone cold sober or absolutely fucking terminated?
A) Terminated.

Q) Have you ever met Ricardo Villalobos? If so, what was he like and did you get his autograph?
A) I've never met him. 

Q) At Disco Bloodbath can punters expect to hear anything other than disco? Have either you or Ben Piston ever played a minimal tribal track? If so, how did it go down? (3 questions in 1 there that can be answered, if you please, in one paragraph)
A) We play lots of different kinds of music - house, techno, pop, synth stuff, whatever we want really. I think disco has always been more of a feeling for us rather than clearly defined genre. I don't recall playing any minimal tribal tracks though.

Q) Who is your favourite all time American stand-up comedian?
A) Richard Pryor.

Q) What's the big deal about disco then?
A) It's fun music. Everyone likes to have fun.

Q) When and where is the next Disco Bloodbath and where can the readers of this blog buy tickets?
A) The 10th of December at Passion on Amhurst Road with Piers from Soft Rocks. Tickets on the door. This is a muthafuckin link to the RA page for this event.

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